Steep (PS4)

Steep (PS4)Steep (PS4)
Publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Ubisoft Annecy
Release Date: 2nd Dec 2016 (USA) / 2nd Dec 2016 (UK/EU)
  • Type: Simcade
  • Sport: Winter Sports
  • Players: 4

Ubisoft’s done right by open world extreme sports title Steep, expanding upon it with regular updates, including a licensed Winter Olympics mode. While competition is at the core of most sports games, this outdoorsy experience is much more chill – and not just because it takes place in arctic conditions. With a variety of different disciplines to master, spanning skiing through to wingsuits, its fun simply exploring this title’s mountain ranges and finding new ways to navigate them.

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Madden NFL 22 (PS4)

Madden NFL 22 (PS4)Madden NFL 22 (PS4)
Publisher: EA Sports / Developer: EA Tiburon
Release Date: 20th Aug 2021 (USA) / 20th Aug 2021 (UK/EU)
  • Type: Simulation
  • Sport: American Football
  • Players: 4

With publisher EA Sports gradually transitioning to next-gen consoles like the PS5, sims like Madden NFL 22 on the PS4 find themselves out of playoff contention in pure gameplay terms. Nevertheless, this improves on the previous year’s game by reinvigorating the series’ popular Franchise mode, incorporating new game planning mechanics and even a revamped Scouting system to add strategical depth to each and every season you oversee.

Super Mega Baseball 3 (PS4)

Super Mega Baseball 3 (PS4)Super Mega Baseball 3 (PS4)
Publisher: Metalhead Software / Developer: Metalhead Software
Release Date: 13th May 2020 (USA) / 13th May 2020 (UK/EU)
  • Type: Simcade
  • Sport: American Football
  • Players: 4

Super Mega Baseball 3 may look like a casual, kid-friendly arcade baseball game – but there’s a true simulation beneath its freakish, cartoon character aesthetics. Gameplay is relatively easy to pick-up-and-play, but there’s tons of depth facilitated by its dynamic difficulty slider. A fresh Franchise mode allows you to create your own dynasty across multiple seasons, with a simple economy system that adds storylines to your squad. And cross-console play means that the community is connected like never before, adding a larger pool of competitors to the release’s online Pennant Race.

eFootball PES 2021: Season Update (PS4)

eFootball PES 2021: Season Update (PS4)eFootball PES 2021: Season Update (PS4)
Publisher: Konami / Developer: Konami
Release Date: 15th Sep 2020 (USA) / 15th Sep 2020 (UK/EU)
  • Type: Simulation
  • Sport: Football
  • Players: 4

Unfortunately, free-to-play franchise reboot eFootball is a bit of a flop so far, which means eFootball PES 2021: Season Update is your only real alternative to FIFA 22. There are licensing issues, of course, but matches adopt a realistic flow, with crunching tackles and hard-fought goals. If you’ve been out of the Pro Evo loop for a while, then you can pick this up for pennies, and it still plays a great game of virtual footie.

2MD VR Football (PS4)

2MD VR Football (PS4)2MD VR Football (PS4)
Publisher: Truant Pixel / Developer: Truant Pixel
Release Date: 8th May 2018 (USA) / 8th May 2018 (UK/EU)
  • Type: Arcade
  • Sport: American Football
  • Players: 2

The two-minute drill is the bedrock of any great American football team, and in this PSVR exclusive you’re the quarterback tasked with getting your team down the field. Pairing an impressively accurate motion-controlled throwing mechanic with the ability to physically draw your own plays makes this an enticing arcade title for NFL fans – and there’s now even an asymmetrical local multiplayer mode where one player tries to blitz the headset-wearing QB by playing defence on the television screen.