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What are the Best PS5 Single Player Story Games? No matter whether they're exclusive or multi-platform titles, Sony is known for delivering fantastic single player experiences on its systems. The PS5 is shaping up no differently with a handful of great titles already on offer that you need to check out for yourself. As part of our PS5 guide, we've compiled the Best PS5 Single Player Story Games you can play right now. And then if you're planning to utilise PS5 backwards compatibility, we recommend referring to our Best PS4 Single Player Story Games guide.

Best PS5 Single Player Story Games

Listed below is what we consider to be the Best PS5 Single Player Story Games. These titles have an excellent single player campaign that prioritises narrative.

18. Bugsnax (PS5)

Bugsnax (PS5)Bugsnax (PS5)
Publisher: Young Horses / Developer: Young Horses
Release Date: 12th Nov 2020 (USA) / 19th Nov 2020 (UK/EU)

Yes, we're talkin 'bout Bugsnax once more. This delightful trek across Snaktooth Island in the name of catching Bugsnax and meeting all manner of charismatic folk is not one to be missed. You've got a good seven to ten hours of single player action here, complete with experimentation that'll determine how you catch each and every creature as well as side quests that reveal more about the island's inhabitants. Oh, and that ending! This is a story you won't forget about any time soon.

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17. Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5)

Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5)Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5)
Publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Ubisoft Quebec
Release Date: 3rd Dec 2020 (USA) / 3rd Dec 2020 (UK/EU)

You'd be forgiven for thinking all Ubisoft did last year was visit near-future London in Watch Dogs Legion and dress up as a Viking in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but it actually did put out another PS5 title in early December. Immortals Fenyx Rising took players back to ancient Greece for a tongue-in-cheek adventure with the mythical gods of the time, and while the narrative itself wasn't all that great, it did have an open world worth exploring. Attempting to emulate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it prioritised exploration and left you to your own devices much of the time. Throw in some decent combat and impressive, colourful visuals and you've got something worth checking out if you've got a spare week or two.

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16. Last Stop (PS5)

Last Stop (PS5)Last Stop (PS5)
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive / Developer: Variable State
Release Date: 22nd Jul 2021 (USA) / 22nd Jul 2021 (UK/EU)

From the makers of Virginia, the next title from Variable State is a three-pronged narrative full of comedy and emotion. You take control of three seemingly unrelated Londoners as their lives are quickly taken over by a supernatural force, with interaction largely governed by dialogue options and quick-time events. A short but super sweet narrative, Last Stop is all about its story. Commit one weekend to its wild antics and you'll come out the other side satisfied.

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15. Returnal (PS5)

Returnal (PS5)Returnal (PS5)
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Developer: Housemarque
Release Date: 30th Apr 2021 (USA) / 30th Apr 2021 (UK/EU)

While Housemarque's Returnal may be an incredible game, its narrative is a lot more subdued and vague. With a lot of left to your own interpretation, it's tough to accurately place it on a list that prioritises story just as much as the general single player experience. The latter is certainly awesome, however. Intense roguelike action tests your skills to their limits with incredibly fast-paced gameplay and a good amount of enemies to fend off. It won't click for everyone, but for those who fall in love with its loop, Returnal has little competition. And if you enjoy interpreting the narrative, then even better.

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14. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Developer: Insomniac Games
Release Date: 11th Jun 2021 (USA) / 11th Jun 2021 (UK/EU)

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is Insomniac's take on the Hollywood blockbuster, so you know exactly what to expect from the Lombax's latest adventure. Grand set pieces and sequences litter the experience with memorable moments to tell your friends about, creating an experience that's fun for the whole family. Its story is fairly typical of those same big-screen adaptations, however: beat the bad guy threatening to destroy the world. Typical stuff. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is one of the PS5's current showpieces, but with a narrative we feel like we've seen many times before, it can't rank so highly on this list.

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13. Metro Exodus (PS5)

Metro Exodus (PS5)Metro Exodus (PS5)
Publisher: Deep Silver / Developer: 4A Games
Release Date: 18th Jun 2021 (USA) / 18th Jun 2021 (UK/EU)

Artyom has discovered his underground community aren't the only ones still left alive in 4A Games' post-apocalyptic universe, so it's time to venture out of the metro and discover what the rest of the world has been up to. Metro Exodus expands on its two predecessors with vast spaces to explore, all the while completing objectives and relying on just a few bullets when the going gets tough. It's not open world, but it's close. The story may not focus on what you want it to, but what's there is cool. Purchase its two expansions and you've got a meaty package there too.

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