The tale of incredibly endearing protagonist Ichiban Kasuga shines brighter than ever on PlayStation 5, where Yakuza: Like a Dragon offers enhanced visuals. This next-gen upgrade lets you choose between 60 frames-per-second at a slightly higher resolution, or 30 frames-per-second with 4K support. And, well... That's about it. Aside from what we think are some improved lighting techniques, Like a Dragon looks pretty much the same as it did on PS4. The draw distance is still a bit wonky and city streets are filled with low quality textures. It's not a bad looking game overall, but it's a shame that it doesn't do more.

Thankfully, if you haven't yet played Like a Dragon, you're in for a real treat. And even if you did already play through this often insane RPG on PS4, there's still so much to enjoy on a second run (although it should be noted that save data does not carry over from the PS4 version, for some mad reason).

Like a Dragon remains a fascinatingly unique and ultimately very refreshing take on both traditional role-playing titles and the Yakuza series. It successfully blends old school RPG qualities like turn based battles and an addictive job system with a modern day setting, and all of the things that we've come to love about Yakuza. That includes an enthralling storyline (that's admittedly super slow to start), a cast of absolutely brilliant characters, and a whole smorgasbord of optional activities and minigames. In short, it's a delight.

But if you're looking for a much more in-depth analysis of the game, you should check out our full Yakuza: Like a Dragon PS4 review. In the meantime, all you really need to know about the PS5 version is that it's the same experience — it just looks a bit better.