10. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (PS4)

How did Squaresoft follow up the immense success of Final Fantasy VII? Why, it did something completely different, of course. Final Fantasy VIII is one of the series' most experimental mainline instalments, replacing traditional levelling mechanics with the complex, but ultimately quite rewarding, Junction system. Said system still divides opinion, but there's no doubt that it helps Final Fantasy VIII establish a unique identity. What's more, the futuristic setting, premise, and characters of VIII ensure that it's still a strikingly memorable entry in a series filled with memorable entries. It's also a game that redefined the word "whatever" for an entire generation.

9. Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster (PS4)

Before Final Fantasy VI came along and made a whole generation realise that Japanese RPGs could tell mature stories with great characters, Final Fantasy IV basically set the standard. The plot focuses on Cecil, a warrior at odds with himself after his kingdom sparks the flames of war. Cecil's own character development is at the heart of events, but he's joined by a varied and delightful cast of characters as he seeks the truth of the world and its inhabitants. Still an expertly paced game with loads of memorable moments.

8. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP)

Ask most people about Final Fantasy, and they probably won't even mention the excellent Final Fantasy Tactics. But among more hardcore enthusiasts, Tactics is often name dropped as one of the greatest strategy RPGs ever made. Superbly worked and brilliantly well realised, Tactics is an original PlayStation masterpiece — and The War of the Lions brought the experience to PSP years later. What we wouldn't do for a proper remaster or remake on modern consoles...

7. Final Fantasy XVI (PS5)

The Final Fantasy series has never been one to sit still, and with Final Fantasy 16, it's moved away from its turn-based traditions entirely. The first true action RPG in the mainline games, it's quite the departure from the norm, but it's an excellent entry nonetheless. Featuring a gripping story delivered by brilliant performances, incredibly fun combat, and some of the most spectacular scenes imaginable, this is a fantastic game that pulls out all the stops.

6. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5)

There's no denying that Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best Final Fantasy games in years, and Intergrade is the icing on the cake. Yes, it's only one part of the story, and yes, a few of the, er, changes are going to annoy some fans forevermore, but there's a healthy helping of Final Fantasy VII magic at the heart of Remake. Whether it's in the way that the characters have been re-realised or the outstanding boss fights (and excellent combat system), charging through Remake is a rewarding experience — especially if you're big on nostalgia.

5. Final Fantasy IX (PS4)

Many a Final Fantasy fan would tell you that Square's series peaked with Final Fantasy IX. An indisputable PlayStation classic, it first released as an utterly outstanding swansong for Sony's first console. A masterfully crafted world is inhabited by excellent characters, and it's all placed alongside more traditional RPG mechanics, refined to near perfection. With superb story pacing that whisks you from one gripping scenario to the next, it's still incredibly hard to fault Final Fantasy IX.

4. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (PS4)

Final Fantasy has always had love stories, but few of them have resonated stronger than the one featured in Final Fantasy X. While the writing hasn't aged especially well — along with some of the voice acting — Final Fantasy X helped define the PS2 generation for a lot of people. It was something of a revolution for Square's series — a new combat system! Voice acting! Realistic looking characters! — and it remains a highly regarded fan favourite. Just don't get bogged down in trying to dodge 200 lightning bolts on your first try, okay?

3. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (PS5)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as Cloud and the gang embark on their post-Midgar adventure. Featuring open world areas, there's a much greater emphasis on exploration, and while the core story of Final Fantasy 7 does take a backseat for a lot of the game, there's an enjoyable focus on character interactions. What's more, Rebirth is utterly stuffed with things to see and do. Side quests, minigames, treasure hunts — it's a massive release, and although we'd argue that it feels a bit bloated at times, there's no questioning the amount of effort Square Enix poured into this second part of the trilogy.

2. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster (PS4)

A true, unmistakable classic, Final Fantasy VI set the bar for the series going forward. It was, of course, followed by the staggering success of Final Fantasy VII, but even today, VI remains an example of Final Fantasy at its absolute best. Its characters are still brilliant, its storytelling is still masterful, and from a gameplay perspective, there's so much to admire. While VI isn't as strongly associated with PlayStation as its successors, it'll always demand respect.

1. Final Fantasy VII (PS4)

The game that made Final Fantasy the juggernaut property that it is today, Final Fantasy VII is still the most popular and most revered instalment in Square's series. Now, let's be real for a just a minute: there are parts of Final Fantasy VII that have not aged well. The visuals are all over the place and the controls are wonky, but it's a classic RPG that's still fit to burst with charm and quality. Its battle and materia systems are timeless, and its cast of characters is outstanding. There's a reason why Square Enix is still milking Final Fantasy VII nearly 25 years after its original release.

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