Looking for all Scadutree Fragment locations in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? A new type of upgrade you'll only find in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, they form an important part of upgrading your character in the Realm of Shadow. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal all Scadutree Fragments locations.

What Are All Scadutree Fragments Locations in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree?

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Scadutree Fragments are a new type of upgrade in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that help to increase your Attack Power and Damage Negation when you're in the Realm of Shadow. They only come into effect inside the Realm of Shadow, indicated by the yellow stats on your Status page; you won't feel their benefit if you return to the base game.

You'll collect Scadutree Fragments throughout the DLC's open world, and then trade them in at any Site of Grace having selected Shadow Realm Blessing. The boosts they provide with each upgrade differ ever so slightly, but generally, you'll receive +27 Attack Power and +2 Damage Negation every time you level the Shadow Realm Blessing up. You only need 1 Scadutree Fragment to upgrade your character for the first time, but you'll soon have to trade in 2 Scadutree Fragments and then 3 Scadutree Fragments to continue getting the enhancements.

Below, you'll find all Scadutree Fragments locations. We've broken the guide up into location-based sections that follow the structure laid out by the Sites of Grace list on your map. Alongside Scadutree Fragments, you can also upgrade your Spirit Summons via Revered Spirit Ash. You spend these upgrades on the same page as Scadutree Fragments. For all Revered Spirit Ash locations, click the link.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. If you know of any other Scadutree Fragments we haven't documented yet, feel free to call them out in the comments below.

Gravesite Plain Scadutree Fragments

#1 + #2 — Church of Consolation

  • From the Site of Grace titled Gravesite Plain, head east and take the main path down to the Church of Consolation. The exact Scadutree Fragment location is behind the powerful enemy here, in front of the statue.

#3 — Three-Path Cross

  • This Scadutree Fragment is right next to the Site of Grace called Three-Path Cross, where you'll also find the first Miquella Cross, as well as Redmane Freyja and Hornsent.

#4 — Main Gate Cross

  • This Scadutree Fragment is found sitting right next to the Site of Grace called Main Gate Cross and another Miquella Cross. It's next to unmissable.

#5 — Prospect Town

  • In the graveyard just west of Prospect Town, you'll find a ghostly, black enemy holding a pot on its head. This special enemy should be glowing/shimmering. Kill it and it'll drop a Scadutree Fragment, revealing a new way of how to get Scadutree Fragments.

#6 — Castle Front

  • This Scadutree Fragment location is in front of a statue inside the large enemy encampment you pass through before reaching the Site of Grace called Castle Front.

#7 — Pillar Path Cross

  • This Scadutree Fragment is right next to the Site of Grace at Pillar Path Cross. From Castle Front, head southeast through the soldiers and you'll find the right place by the cliff edge.

Castle Ensis Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Castle Ensis Checkpoint

Cerulean Coast Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Cerulean Coast Cross

Stone Coffin Fissure Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Fissure Cross

  • In the southwest corner of the Cerulean Coast, you can drop down a gigantic hole into the Stone Coffin Fissure. Work your way through this area to reach a Site of Grace at Fissure Cross, where the Scadutree Fragment is.

Jagged Peak Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Foot of the Jagged Peak

  • After the Site of Grace at the Foot of the Jagged Peak, the linear path will lead you through the mountain and you'll eventually have boulders coming down at you. At the top of the hill, where they're being thrown from, is a Scadutree Fragment on a corpse.

Scadu Altus Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Highroad Cross

  • As soon as you enter the Scadu Altus after passing through Castle Ensis, there'll be a Site of Grace in front of you with the Scadutree Fragment next to it.

#2 — Church of the Crusade

  • Having gotten the Scadu Altus Map, you can head west up the hill to find the Church of the Crusade. You may be invaded by Fire Knight Queelign once inside, but defeat them and grab the Scadutree Fragment from in front of the statue.

#3 — North of Moorth Ruins

  • Just north of Moorth Ruins, which itself is directly east of the first Site of Grace in the Scadu Altus called Highroad Cross, you'll find a small lake with glowing worms sticking out of it. Along the shoreline is a statue with the Scadutree Fragment in front of it.

#4 — Moorth Ruins

#5 — Moorth Ruins

  • On the very outskirts of Moorth Ruins to the southeast, you should notice a vast hole in the ground that leads out further east. On the edge of this hole is another glowing enemy holding a pot on its head. Kill it before it disappears and you'll be rewarded with a Scadutree Fragment.

#6 — South of Moorth Ruins

  • From the Moorth Ruins, head south along the road as if you're going to the Fort of Reprimand. When you reach the encounter area with the Ghostflame Dragon, hug the cliff on the left-hand side and you should spot an inoperable Spiritspring, the gust of wind that allows you to jump high in the air riding Torrent. To get it working again, continue left along the cliff wall and smash the small rock you find at the end of the path past the bats. The Spiritspring will now work, so use it to jump up to a new area with the Scadutree Fragment next to the Site of Grace and Miquella Cross at the top of the hill.

#7 — Enemy Camp in Front of Shadow Keep

  • As soon as you enter the big enemy encampment where the Furnace Golem stands guard in front of Shadow Keep, the Scadutree Fragment will be on your immediate right.

Shadow Keep Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Main Gate Plaza

#2 — Storehouse, First Floor

  • When you reach the Storehouse, First Floor, use the staircases to climb as high up in the room as you can, then jump out onto a statue's legs and climb up to its head. From here, you can jump across to a Site of Grace and Miquella Cross, with the Scadutree Fragment sitting next to it.

#3 — Storehouse, Seventh Floor

  • Once you've pulled the lever in the Storehouse to move the central mechanism holding all the statues, you'll use them to climb up and out of the vast room and onto a staircase. Standing guard at the top is a strong red-caped enemy that utilises Fire attacks. Defeat it, then on the other side of the double doors it was guarding is the Scadutree Fragment.

Scaduview Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Shadow Keep, Back Gate

  • In the room right next to the Site of Grace at Shadow Keep, Back Gate.

#2 + #3 + #4 + #5 +#6 — Scadutree Chalice

  • Beyond the Site of Grace for Shadow Keep, Back Gate is an encounter with Commander Gaius. Once you've beaten him, you can head up the hill to the Scadutree Chalice where you'll find a whopping 5 Scadutree Fragments in front of it.

Abyssal Woods Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Abandoned Church

  • In front of the altar inside the Abandoned Church.

Ancient Ruins of Rauh Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Underground ruins west of Viaduct Minor Tower

  • Once you reach the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, the main path will take you underground and inside into a series of tunnels. Having used a Spiritspring aboard Torrent, this Scadutree Fragment will be ahead of you on a glowing enemy. Kill it to be given it automatically.

#2 — Underground ruins west of Viaduct Minor Tower

  • Having made it through the tunnelled ruins and come out into a clearing, you'll meet a normal enemy version of the Golden Hippopotamus. Defeat it to earn a Scadutree Fragment.

#3 — Rauh Ancient Ruins, East

#4 — Rauh Ancient Ruins, West

  • Having activated the Site of Grace for Rauh Ancient Ruins, West, head back inside the ruins and up the staircase. In the back of this larger room in front of the altar is a Scadutree Fragment.

Enir-Ilim Scadutree Fragments

#1 — Spiral Rise

  • Having made it past the powerful Lightning-attuned enemy and a spellcaster further up the staircase, you'll come to a Site of Grace at Spiral Rise with the Scadutree Fragment sitting next to it.

#2 — Cleansing Chamber Anteroom

  • This Scadutree Fragment is right next to the Site of Grace in the Cleansing Chamber Anteroom, which is part of the main path through Enir-Ilim.

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