Do you need a Dying Sun walkthrough for A Plague Tale: Requiem, including all collectibles? In this A Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we're going to reveal how to achieve 100% completion in Dying Sun. There are no collectibles in Dying Sun, so sit back and enjoy.

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Dying Sun Walkthrough

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Dying Sun Walkthrough 1
Image: Push Square

Following the disastrous events of the previous chapter, Amicia and Arnaud will come ashore on a beach. Accompany Arnaud along the beach, taking in the beautiful scenery as you go. After squeezing through the gap in the rock, observe the shipwreck with Arnaud and prepare for a fight. The Count's men turn up after the cutscene, with Arnaud fighting him in the middle of the scene. You should focus on the standard enemies, eliminating as many as you can.

Following a cutscene, you must continue to kill the Count's men. The Count will eventually kill Arnaud, but in the process, he'll take off the Count's helmet, allowing you to shoot him.

Once the game picks back up again after a cutscene, you'll be in a horse-drawn carriage with Sophia and Lucas. You'll try to enter Marseille, but with the entrance blocked, you take a side path where the rats spawn. Man the fire turret and shoot the rat horde as it tries to catch you. The turret never runs out of fuel, so just have the button held down and fend off the rats. A cutscene then ends the chapter.

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