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KickBeat News


  • Interview Kickin' Back with KickBeat Developer Zen Studios

    Pull shapes

    Kick! Punch! Dance! It’s all in the mind! Zen Studios may be best known for its exhaustive roster of pinball tables, but the studio has been quietly perfecting its mastery of dance over the past few years. KickBeat, which was originally announced as a PlayStation Vita exclusive over a year ago, has been in production for some time now,...


  • News So, Sony's Still Not Done with That Whole Indie Thing

    More savings than you can shake a Move controller at

    As the sun sets on one PlayStation Network promotion, the moon is rising on another. Just a week after the conclusion of the PlayStation Play initiative, the platform holder has announced PS Vita Summer Select – a month long celebration of delicious indie gaming goodness. Best of all, it means...

  • News KickBeat Dances to PS3 and Vita's Tune in September

    Shake, rattle, and roll

    It’s been a while since we heard, well, anything about Zen Studios’ music-meets-martial-arts PlayStation Vita rhythm action game, KickBeat – and that’s because the company’s been busy beavering away on a PlayStation 3 port. The title will now deploy on both of Sony’s flagship systems on 3rd September in North...


  • News Catch a Glimpse of KickBeat's Groovy Moves

    Four to the floor

    If you’ve been desperately awaiting gameplay footage of Zen Studio’s upcoming fist-heavy rhythm action title KickBeat, then you’re bang in luck, because the developer has released a five minute video of pure in-game action. The footage – set to Celldweller’s “I Can’t Wait” – reveals exactly how KickBeat’s blend...


  • News KickBeat Pirouettes onto PS Vita

    Music combat

    While martial arts and music don’t appear to have much in common, Zen Studios has found a way to connect the two disparate activities. Inspired by the heavily rhythmic choreography of old-school kung-fu movies, the developer has concocted KickBeat, a brand new music title developed exclusively for Vita. The game introduces familiar...