Control: Ultimate Edition

Control: Ultimate Edition


PlayStation 5
505 Games


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User Ratings: 371

Our Review: 8/10

Control: Ultimate Edition News



  • News Control Demake Returns to the Roots of PS1

    No April Fools here

    Yeah, Control is a pretty good game on modern consoles, but what about if we got to experience it a few decades back on PlayStation 1 instead? Principle gameplay designer Tommi Saalasti at Remedy has made it a reality with a demake that takes the Federal Bureau of Control and protagonist Jesse Faden back to the 1990s. 51 seconds...






  • News Control's Controversial PS5 Upgrade Slips to Early 2021

    To improve the final quality

    Remedy has decided to delay the PlayStation 5 version of Control: Ultimate Edition to early 2021 as the studio wants to improve the final quality of the product. This in turn means the developer wants more time for polish and production. It needs no introduction, however, as the re-release of Control caused controversy a...



  • News 505 Games Attempts to Explain Control's PS5 Upgrade Scandal

    It all comes down to cash

    Control publisher 505 Games caused controversy last week when it revealed that only owners of the third-person shooter’s new Ultimate Edition would be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free. If you own the original, regardless of whether you have the Season Pass or not, you’ll be bang out of luck...

  • News Control Locks Free PS5 Upgrade Behind Ultimate Edition

    Original owners lose out

    We've known for a while that Control from Remedy would be coming to PlayStation 5 at some point in the future, but now the developer has chosen to detail what that means exactly. And, well, it does not make for the best of readings. Control: Ultimate Edition bundles together the base game, all its DLC, and every update and...