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  • US 15th Nov 2013, $14.99
  • EU 29th Nov 2013
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  • Review Super Motherload (PlayStation 4)

    Digging into a new world

    Super Motherload is the latest game from indie developer XGen Studios, and is the sequel to a well-loved, free PC title named Motherload. Deployed alongside the PlayStation 4 in North America, the title plots the escapades of the Solarus Corporation, which discovers vast reserves of ore and gems beneath the surface of Mars...

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Super Motherload Screenshot
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Super Motherload Screenshot
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Super Motherload News

  • News Super Motherload Digs into the PS4 Launch Lineup

    Going underground

    Your attention may be firmly fixed on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack right now, but it’s worth remembering that there’s a bevy of indie titles set to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 later this week. One such adventure is indie dig-‘em-up Super Motherload, which is currently sharpening its spade in anticipation for...

  • News Super Motherload Digging onto PS3 and PS4 Later This Year

    Going underground

    XGen Studios’ couch co-op digging simulator Super Motherload is set to burrow onto the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 later this year. The title takes place in an alternate Cold War setting, and is the sequel to a 2004 Flash game. It boasts full voice acting, procedurally generated levels, and more. “We’re excited about the...

About The Game


The near future.

The Solarus Corporation discovered an infinite source of rare and precious minerals deep in the red crust. Resources that will end the energy crisis on Earth and fuel the deep space expeditions planned as population swells beyond capacity.

Constructing magnificent surface bases, Solarus. early mining endeavors resulted in returns of wealth beyond measure. Delving deeper they installed new facilities and recruited more adventurous technicians and operators seeking to expand their empire.

Then, one day, Mars went silent.

Cut off from their people, Solarus sent new recruits to continue operations and restore communications. You are such a recruit and with Mars growing closer by the hour, you sense that all is not right on the Red Planet.

Can you uncover the mysteries of Mars or will her secrets be your undoing?

Good luck, employee 1001.