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PlayStation 3

  • US 12th Apr 2011, $12.99
  • EU 6th Apr 2011, £9.99
  • JP 13th Sep 2011
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  • Review Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PlayStation 3)

    Welcome to Gothicus

    Beaten, battered and placed away in a dark corner of the cellar, our armour has been sat collecting dust, patiently awaiting a new adventure. Years have passed since the dank smell of dungeon corridors filled our noses, and the blood dripped from the tip of our swords from the slain monsters that lie upon our feet, but that is...

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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Screenshot

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance News

  • News New Move Demos and DLC Out in US PlayStation Store

    Here's what's on offer

    Waiting for a demo before you try out Gameloft's chart-topping Dungeon Hunter: Alliance? Now that painful waiting can stop, as the North American PlayStation Store has been updated with a demo and more Move-enabled content. Here's a brief overview of what's out there now. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Demo: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance...

  • News Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Tops PSN Charts in America

    All enemies vanquished

    Gameloft's heavy support for PlayStation Move has paid off, as the company's action RPG Dungeon Hunter: Alliance has levelled up to the top of the PSN charts in America. If you're tempted to pick up this Move-enabled battler, check out our Dungeon Hunter: Alliance review. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance at the Top of the...

  • Out Today Tuesday 12th April 2011 (North America)

    Dungeons, DLC and the King of Pop

    The Move release slate is hot hot hot today, with new games at retail and on PlayStation Store, as well as fresh downloadable content too. Let's see what's competing for your cash this week. Retail: Michael Jackson: The Experience: The King of Pop Moonwalks to stores across North America several months after his...

  • Interviews Gameloft - Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

    We go hunting for answers

    Dungeon Hunter: Alliance launched on the European PlayStation Store today, and we sat down with the game's product manager Sane Lebrun for a spot of Q&A. Movemodo: Firstly, please introduce yourself and your role in Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. Sane Lebrun: My name is Sane Lebrun and I’ve been a Product Manager at...

  • Out Today Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (Europe)

    Gameloft's action RPG steps in

    Fans of Diablo-style gaming, rejoice! Dungeon Hunter: Alliance lands on the European PlayStation Network today, with four player online co-op, randomly-generated dungeons and of course PlayStation Move support. The game will soak up £9.99/€12.99 from your PlayStation wallet, although PlayStation Plus members can get...

  • News Plus Members, Slice 25% Off Dungeon Hunter's Price on 12th April

    Get it for just $9.74

    Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter Alliance is about to crawl into the PlayStation Store dungeon and cast a spell on PlayStation Move owners looking for a Diablo-style experience on the PS3. Heading to the North American Store on 12th April, paying members of the PlayStation Plus club can get the game for $9.74, a 25% saving on the...

  • News Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Levels Up with New Trailer

    Screenshots +3 too

    Gameloft's dungeon crawler Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is coming together neatly, as this new trailer and fresh screenshots at the bottom show. Offering Move support that replicates PC mouse controls, the game is fully playable in four-player online or local co-operative play, offering a range of character classes, upgrades and even...

  • News Get Ready to Raid with Dungeon Hunter: Alliance in Early 2011

    Going underground

    Top-down action RPGs may be long past their 90s heyday when Diablo and its ilk ruled the roost, but Gameloft is handing the genre a revival potion in the form of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, heading to PlayStation Network in 2011. You'll be able to team up online with three other hunters to plunder dungeons, rest in villages and do...

About The Game

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is the first action RPG game for the PlayStation®3 system that immerses you in the heart of a unique multiplayer experience, local and online.

Face the world of Gothicus and its hordes of creatures alone or in teams of up to 4 heroes. The main quest, side quests, and the innumerable items to collect over hours of play in a superbly modelled gothic universe. Push evil back to the depths of hell and squash the destructive ambitions of a tyrannical Queen... who was once your beloved!

A unique multiplayer experience on PlayStation® Network: play locally or with your Friends, or team up online with players across the globe!
The game difficulty will adapt to the number of players. Do your training and climb the ranks in the online global leaderboards.
A real quest to complete solo or with others, spanning over 30 levels with an immense world of dungeons, villages and forests to explore, including areas that are randomly generated. Gothicus will never cease to amaze you!
A level of production rarely achieved on PSN: graphics and special effects rivalling retail games, smooth animation even during multiplayer sessions, and a dark gothic ambience that immerses you in the heart of the action.
All the ingredients for a great role-playing game: choose your class, optimize your hero's development by assigning experience points to the attributes of your choice, and equip your hero with the best armour thanks to the items you collect throughout your adventure.
A fun "hack & slash" gameplay adapted to your preferences: choose between classic controls (with a wireless controller) or innovative controls thanks to compatibility with the PlayStation® Move motion controller to recreate a "point & click" experience similar to PC games.