Blokus (PS3)


PlayStation 3


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User Ratings: 5

Our Review: 6/10


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Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 21st Dec 2010, $4.99
  • EU 22nd Dec 2010, £3.99
  • JP 12th Jan 2011
Puzzles, Board Games
Controller Support
PlayStation Move, DualShock 3
Feature Support
PlayStation Network, Local multiplayer

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Blokus Screenshot
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  • Review Blokus (PlayStation 3)

    Gameloft's new kid on the Blokus

    More and more classic board games have been making their way into the PSN lately and now a digital version of the classic strategy game Blokus is available from Gameloft, the studio that brought the widely popular card game Uno to the PlayStation Store. The rules to Blokus are simple, but to master this block-laying...

About The Game

Rules are simple!

The winning strategy: Block your opponents so they cannot add any more pieces to the board!
4 GAMES IN ONE! Each game variation requires a totally different strategy:
4 players control one color each
2 players control two colors each
4 players play in teams

Blokus Duo™: There are only 2 colors, the board is smaller and the starting position is in the middle of the board.

MULTIPLAYER MODE: Compete with your friends (2 to 4 players) in any of these game variations through Local or Online Multiplayer.
TOURNAMENT MODE: Try to play through 30 rounds, each with a different game type and rule variant.
CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES: Customize your characters but also the background of the game board! You can also set the difficulty level and the time limit for each move, making each game a new experience.
CONTROLS for the PlayStation®Move motion controller enable you to move your blocks even more intuitively.
COLORBLIND MODE: Icons added to the pieces allow colorblind people to play.