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Battleship News


  • News New Battleship Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes

    Two games in one

    If you thought making a movie based on a board game was weird, then spend a moment to consider the thoughts of those responsible for the video game tie-in. To their credit, the employees of Double Helix Games come across as genuinely passionate in this behind the scenes video for Battleship. And, to be fair, the game’s concept...


  • News Battleship Trailer Teases Game of Movie of... Game?

    We must go deeper

    On the back of yesterday’s announcement, Activision’s offered a sneak peek at Double Helix’s upcoming Battleship movie tie-in. The game – which is based on the movie of the, erm, board game – promises to combine fist-pumping first-person action with traditional seek-and-find gameplay. This whole thing strikes us as...

  • News Activision Announces Battleship Movie Tie-in

    You sunk my Battleship

    It’s news to us, but apparently Milton Bradley’s classic guessing game, Battleship, is to be transformed into a blockbuster movie. Weird, right? Unsurprisingly, Activision has a video game tie-in planned. Silent Hill: Homecoming developer, Double Helix, has been dumped on development duties, and is promising to combine...