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My PSVita 2000 is having a very strange problem after sitting for a year or so. plugging in the vita give me no lights and no activity on screen, so naturaly i look things up and see that some people are having some of the same things happen to them when there battery dies. I ordered a new battery and when I plug it in still no lights. heres where things get strange. plugging it in to modern chargers (like one for a Galaxy S7) has no effect on the device, but when its plugged into a slower/older charger (like my pc usb port), the backlight on the device flicks on for a second and goes off. No led ever turns on just the flicker of the screen and thats it. im hopeing someone may know what is happening. I also am hoping its not my motherboard as those seem hard to find these days (the ones for the silm version).

Ive tryed
-Changing the cord
-Changing the usb port
-all the powerbutton tricks

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