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Mine is Legacy of Kain: Defiance. A lot of people on here would probably expect me to say Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls III or Bloodborne, but no, the game that has stayed with me all these years despite the relatively repetitive hack n' slash gameplay is this LoK game. I just thought it was brilliant, a fitting conclusion to the story the past few games had built up (even though I didn't know too much about it at the time - I just pieced things together from the dialogue in the game) ,the epic scale of the game and story, the constant alternation of playing as Kain and Raziel and the PvE elements. The puzzles were fairly diabolical as well, and I was playing as a teenager during my formative gaming years without a guide, and it's an experience that his just stayed with me throughout the years - great boss battles as well.

Whilst the Souls games, (Miyazaki's games - the "true" Souls games - Dark Souls, Dark Souls III, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne) are excellent and probably my most recent loves in the gaming world, this is just a game that really stayed with me, for about 15 years. The combat is superior in the Souls games, vastly superior and more varied, plus you have a choice of weaponry and build etc. - see my notes on my Kratos build in What PS4 Games Are You Currently Playing? , Raziel and Kain are truly memorable characters, and to this day I cannot think of Kain without hearing the words "Vae Victis!" echoing through my mind.

What is your favourite game of all time, why do you have a personal connection to it, and why has it stayed with you for all these years?

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Persona 4 Golden. It’s the characters. They are so human and have such interesting backgrounds. I also like the story, so strange and yet believable.

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Dance Dance Revolution
100 / 100

My favorites:
DDR Ultramix 4 XBOX
DDR Extreme 2 PS2 USA
DDR Extreme Japan PS2
DDR 3rd Mix PS1

DDR A20+
DDR Extreme
DDR 3rd Mix

I have been playing DDR for 17 years and still active playing DDR until today.
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Super Mario World enough said

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Probably Ocarina of Time. I love a lot of games but I’d return to Ocarina in a heartbeat.

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Doom 2 PC from back in the day. Played it back to front and inside out and could probably still navigate most levels from memory despite not having been on it for a few decades now.

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Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox360), hands down the greatest hack/slash ever made imho. Even after getting every achievement many years ago, I still go back to it time after time. To this day I haven't found a game that comes anywhere close to it where weapon based melee combat is concerned.

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Super Mario World. If I could only have one game for the rest of my life, that would be it. Perfection😘👌



Hmm... I can’t just pick one, so I’ll pick 3.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Chrono Trigger



Zelda - A Link to the Past (SNES)



Can't decide between Knack or Knack 2. 🤔

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PS3, Fallout 3 + dlc except Broken Steel. First played the month of release 2008.

The story and game play just grabbed me like no other game had before. Then there is cool stuff like advancing time of day, open missions, save anytime anywhere, custom button mapping, vats, the Pip-Boy, and hotkey for weapon selection. The d-pad hotkey mapping of 8 slots for fast right now weapon/health items selection is the best selection method in any game i have ever played.

The plain FO3 game played well on my old fat PS3, but the Goty edition with all the dlc was so bugy that i returned it. What worked for me on my slim and after patches was to use the plain copy on disc and download the dlc. The game then works ok after the dlc are added except for the Broken Steel dlc which once installed causes frame rates to drop, longer loading times, and lots of freezing.

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World of Warcraft. I love the gameplay, lore, and the world in general. I have great memories of playing it with friends and just love the scope of the game.. Just wish they would bring it to console since I haven't been able to play it since my PC died years ago.

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@Draco_V_Ecliptic I am really surprised! I would have bet my life that your favorite would have been a FromSoft Souls game. But it just goes to show how our favorite games aren’t necessarily the games we play over and over. To me, my favorite games all have some kind of profound memory or nostalgia attached to them.

I’ve typically cited my favorite game of all time to be Shadow of the Colossus. It’s a game that just impacted me psychologically and impressed me so much as a young lad and then the PS4 remake was just as phenomenal, even with me being in a different stage of life. Yeah, sure the gameplay is quirky and awkward, and the combat and control scheme is frustrating at times and clunky... but it just was so impressive, beautiful, and profound.

That said, I don’t want to replay it over and over, year after year. I don’t even have the platinum for the game. It sits in my memory as a captivating experience and I’d rather leave it that way. I might replay it at some future day, who knows. Maybe when they port it to PS5 and add ray-tracing 😄

I had a whole list of my top 20 games of all time somewhere. I think we had a thread at one point. I’m pretty sure I’d have to amend that list after this year. A couple games from this year have cracked my top 20, I think.

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@PSVR_lover Yup P4G is comfortably in my top 10. Great game.

My top 10 games change all the time but the following are pretty much ever present;

FF 8
Mass Effect trilogy
Burnout Paradise
Sensible World of Soccer
Anna Kournikovas Smash Court Tennis

And this gen I've added the beauties;

Rocket League
Cities Skylines
Astrobot Rescue Mission
Yakuza zero

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Probably Suikoden II. It's just got everything; countless fully-rounded characters, miniature love stories, tragedy, politcal subterfuge, flying squirrels - the lot. I was about sixteen when it came out and it probably shaped me quite a bit.

Shouts to Super Mario World and Fallout 3. Also, Terraria is a game I play a lot with my kids and I've got a feeling I'll be looking back fondly at that one in a few years when they've left home.

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@Draco_V_Ecliptic From this year (well, games I played this year, not necessarily ones that came out this year) those that I’d consider in my all time favorites are: Death Stranding, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and maybe Ghost of Tsushima. Also probably God of War will hold a place there too. It’s brilliant so far.

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@Th3solution Where are you up to in GoW now? What difficulty setting are you playing on? I played Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima, didn't beat either of them ,I just wasn't invested enough in either game, I think Atreus is a great creation, if a little annoying at times. And I'm not saying that because you're supposed to be in the role of Kratos and he's your kid, annoying you, I just found that some elements of his character didn't work with the overall aesthetic of the game.

An example of this being: When you kill the first troll in the game and Atreus has a little hissy fit, stabbing it over and over again with his knife. It just spoils the overall solemnity and impressiveness of Kratos' character. Although maybe this is intended to be a contrast? Idk.

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@Draco_V_Ecliptic As for Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima, I can definitely see how they wouldn’t click with everyone, especially DS. For some reason they really did for me.
On GoW, I’ll go into more detail on the thread, but I agree with you. I have a mixed feelings about Atreus. Great gaming mechanic of having partial control over the NPC companion, but he also has some moments when he’s a little off-putting.

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