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It's very difficult to choose with so many vastly different genres over multiple generations.

One game that I'd be tempted to nominate as my favourite would be LittleBigPlanet. My hype went a bit into overdrive when that was announced which is pretty rare for me and incredibly, the game did not disappoint, I loved it.

I met an awesome community dedicated to the game and had some fantastic experiences with it.



@LieutenantFatman Would you be tempted, like some sort of holy man in an arid land, with promises of riches and splendour, if I suggested Sackboy: A Big Adventure to you then?

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A big part of what made LBP so incredible was the endless possibilities granted by the create mode.

Having said that, I did love the story missions as well so yes, I will definitely be playing the new Sackboy game as soon as I'm able to get hold of a PS5. Looking forward to it.



Yakuza 5 for single player and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for Multi Player

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@DualWielding Oof, HoMM3 is definitely a classic. Had some great fun playing that with my uncles and brother back when we had big chonky PCs even though I was too young to understand basic tactics.

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EASY TLOU that game changed my life. To bad Druckman ***** up the second up it could have been an amazing journey also.



It would probably be between two games for me;

Final Fantasy 7
I’ve played through this so many times but it’s always such an amazing journey with a fantastic cast. It’s also partly due to when it first came about being on such an epic scale to anything I’d played before with a story unlike anything I’d seen. It was over a decade and a half from first playing the game that I finally beat ruby weapon..

Mass Effect 2
What a game. I’d never owned an Xbox so had never played the first game but the “comic” that introduced the story and choices from the first game was clever. From that point, this was an epic experience that spanned the galaxy and was another game to have a fantastic cast. The combat was also excellent with some great set pieces and the suicide mission felt quite unique. I’ve played this at least three times through with a first run, an everyone-survives paragon run, and a renegade FemShep run.



Tasuki wrote:

@DualWielding @nessisonett I still play HoMM3 to this day. I got back into it recently after trying the Mobile sequel to it and it still holds up pretty well.

Try it with the unnoficial HD patch and Horn of the Abyss Mod... it's awesome

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As someone who started gaming in the 70's, there have been 'many' games that have been a 'favourite' at the time with a lot of fond memories attached. From 'classics' like Donkey Kong (the OG), Space Invaders, Pac Man to the latest 'greatest' games released in the past few years.

Personally, I don't know that I would actually still play many of my 'favourites' today and still feel the same way about them as I once did. To me, these are best left to my 'rose tinted' memories and the experience of playing these 'new' with the impact they had at that time. The 3D world of Super Mario 64 and the freedom of movement that it provided for the 'first' time in a Game was revolutionary but by modern standards,the camera is very clunky for example. I was 'blown away' by the 'realism' of Goldeneye, the fact that the game and particularly the Characters were all recognisable from the actors faces from the film - but today, they look very poor. I didn't even mind playing at 15fps or having to stare at a tiny corner of the screen playing the MP.

Point is, over the many many years, I have had many favourites and in many cases, the 'memories' are much better than the games themselves. They were the 'right' game at the 'right' time to have a positive impact on me.

I think I am someone who has 'favourite' memories but as far as games go, I tend to be more in the 'present' with an eye to what the future and more powerful hardware can do to 'improve/evolve/expand' on. One of my 'Favourites' last gen was Horizon: Zero Dawn but maybe Forbidden West will improve on that experience. I am not that 'nostalgic' with games/technology but do recognise their importance within this media and certainly their importance to me at that time, but given the choice of say an N64 with Z:OoT, SM64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, B&K, Conker etc etc and a PS5, I'd take the PS5 every time as the 'promise' of that hardware with developers that have learned from the past to make the games that 20yrs from now I'll look back on with the same 'fond' memories I have of the N64 games.

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Hard choices. I don't think I have a number 1. I can do top 5 then you can decide for me lol.

Everquest (first big MMO for me. Had a blast with friends)
Civ. 3 (Loved the WW2 dlc)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (The game I keep coming back to for hero vs villains. And I'm still bad at it.)
Dragons Dogma (It has some issues, but being able to climb on a monster and the great fantasy setting)
Dark Souls 3 (first one I played as the "It's a hard game" and no instant saves scared me off for so many years) I'm glad I decided to jump in. Played them all and liked them all.

There are probably others but these are definitely at the top.

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No game can ever become such a love for me as GTA V. The open world of Los Santos was vast and filled with endless possibilities, from robbing banks to participating in street races. The storyline was gripping, and the characters were some of the most memorable in gaming history. I spent countless hours exploring every inch of the map and completing every mission. I still follow the gaming and tech news from , but I don’t find an alternative to that. Even now, as an adult, I still find myself coming back to play it.

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going by which game i ever wasted the most amount of time on

Left 4 Dead 2



In the past, I would have said Final Fantasy VII, but I think Super Mario Galaxy is probably the more accurate answer. The atmosphere, backstory, aesthetics, music, gameplay... nearly everything about it is perfect.

Too bad the sequel never did as much for me, although I'm doing a 100% run of it this year anyway.

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Tough call so Top 5 time - these are generally rotating and not in a particular order:
5) Super Mario Galaxy.
4) Resident Evil 4.
3) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
2) Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.
1) Red Dead Redemption.

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This is always a little ‘fluid’ for me but right now it’s:

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
4. Metal Gear Solid V
3. Elden Ring
2. God of War: Ragnarok
1. Bloodborne

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I probably have like a list of 10-15 games that I love a lot, but are always rotating. I’m also mindful of recency bias, but then again shouldn’t new games in long standing franchises be inherently better? Anyways too 5 in no particular order:

1) Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix (critical always)
2) Uncharted 2 or 4 (I can’t choose)
3) Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
4) Crisis Core Reunion
5) Pokémon R/B/Y

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