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@nomither6 I used to do Spotify but I shed it due to subscription overload. I didn’t realize how much I liked having it until it was gone and I realized how pitiful the free version is. I’ve considered going back to a music sub but doing Apple Music this time, but I just can’t bring myself to pay for it. So I just limp along with Pandora and mostly just don’t listen to music nowadays.

Man, I wish I could transfer my access to online gaming to you. I pay for PS+ every blasted year and never use that feature. I use it for the games, the cloud saves, and the occasional added sale price.

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@Th3solution holy s*** , pandora!? that took me back! i havent used that since i got my first ever smartphone! crazy its still around. spotify is fine though, i dont have a sub there but i think it gets the job done for what if offers without a sub.

and i appreciate that man, i got mk1 on PS5 due to the PC version having issues and no crossplay & i cant even play it for the reason i got it for! id like to think im making a difference against paid online by not subbing , but yea right! it is what it is. maybe PS plus will be optional like it used to be one day for those who use it for good reason like yourself and not just as a means to play online.

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