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I want to do a lot more streaming in the future, but I've noticed that I don't really talk a lot while playing certain games. I don't want to force myself to talk while streaming because I doubt I will enjoy playing the game. I would like to hear your opinions on the matter and how to grow as a channel while streaming.


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Do you use facecam? You shouldn't ever force yourself to talk. It will come in time.
There's definitely a market for less talk-more action streams, especially if its a story heavy game.
At the end of the day, you have to enjoy what your doing. If you like to focus on the game, then your audience as it grows will get that. Then when you do talk they know it means something, rather than your talking for talking sense. If that makes sense. Just my opinion, I'm not a streamer so maybe someone that is could provide some more meaningful insight , but good luck man!

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I think be yourself and it will come through in the way you play. That said, I couldn't do vocals on any stream if I tried. I am currently playing Bloodborne and my vocals would just be strangled cries of anguish and a tirade of swear words.

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@Rudy_Manchego I think that's probably true of a lot of people

@ZDonkulous There's definitely a balance to be struck. It will come with practice, but I think to start with you should just be yourself and see how viewers react. As @KratosMD says, people watch streams for the guy playing as much as they do for the game itself, so just give it a try and see what feedback you get.


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I watch the occasional stream but don't like any talking.. I'm just there to check out the game. I don't need someone yammering


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If you do not talk you will not maintain viewers. You will get the occasional one who will stay but thats about it. You need to build a relationship with your viewers and this can only be done through chatting. Its hard at first but once you get into the swing of it its a lot easier. You can talk about the game, something funny that happens to you. Ask your viwers how they are doing. Also another key to success is having a good active chat. If you can get atleast one of your viewers to write a lot in chat that will help a lot too.

If I go to a caster and they are silent or do not aknowledge me or ask questions then I will leave. If the interaction is not there then I might as well be watching a youtube video instead. I would advise practise talking to yourself as much as possible you can do it when your not streaming. Record your sessions as well and play them back. Ask yourself what can I do better.

You do need your own style but its also best to watch a lot of other streams from ones which have a lot of viewers to smaller ones which are up and coming. Take the best bits from the ones you have watched and incorporate it into your stream. Also be prepared for having long sessions with no viewers. I know someone who streamed for a year everyday and only got a 500 followers.


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@ZDonkulous I stream a fair bit on my twitch channel, as some of the guys here like @TripleGK and @Quintumply know all about. I can say that streaming is waaay easier if you have an audience and an engaging chat. If you don't have that, though, it can feel really strenuous on you as you try to force yourself to talk more. Don't force yourself! You may be quiet and shy the very same way I was when I first started streaming, but once you do it more and you do get the viewers that pop in now and again, they'll help you build up your confidence and that'll help you be more confident and help you talk more, engage with the audience more and, most importantly, enjoy your games more!

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I would say try to find a game you can find a good balance in. I know, personally, I like to watch streams where the streamer plays but also pays attention to the chat and has conversations with viewers. So while you don't have to be saying something 100% of the time, especially if you're in an intense boss battle, having some conversation going and checking the chat regularly is good.



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