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@ralphdibny I think the gear and costumes are mostly there to give you more reason to play the Towers Of Time and Kombat League. I finished the story modes in my 2nd day with the game and proceeded to still play it for another 6 months so I guess it works

I think you can ignore the augments and consumables for a while but some higher levels of character towers and later stages of the Gauntlet pretty much require you to use some (they apply conditions that make it very hard to win if you don’t have something to counteract them).

I definitely spent the most time playing Kombat League though but I understand that competitive modes are not for everyone and this one can become kinda grindy too



I can agree with you because I love to play mortal Kombat too. I wanted to get the whole krypt unlocked and that took me a few weeks to get the koins I needed to buy everything. Keep on playing and gaming because mortal Kombat is the way to go.



I like to play Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2 sometimes even though I suck at them. I was brave enough to jump into the online because I'm terrified of playing games like them online, I find the Fighting game Community quite intimidating. I don't mean anything by that btw what I mean is they're very good at these games compared to me and this is why I prefer playing them offline with real life friends instead.


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@nomither6 People you meet in ranked matches in MK can definitely be toxic (especially with MK11 having no option to turn off voice chat, which is kinda wild) but at the same time the wider communities around these games are very welcoming and helpful. It’s not that bad overall.

In other news, Melty Blood: Type Lumina came out today

I’ve seen many people very excited for this and Twitch was full of early streams last night. I watched a bit and I’m afraid it does nothing for me at the moment.
I don’t like the visual style very much and the gameplay didn’t look all that great either (obviously both being a matter of personal opinion).
Apparently the net code is very good so at least there’s that - but so is Strive’s so I’m definitely sticking to that.

Also, the November EVO showcase (the offline event featuring the winners of the online EVO 2021) has been cancelled due to ongoing Covid concerns.



nomither6 wrote:

@RubyCarbuncle the FGC is toxic .

I largely agree with this, but you can limit the amount of toxic things you see from various content creators online. The keyword here is curation.

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