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@Dichotomy: but then I'll have nothing to moan about!

Thanks, though, should really have known that already


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As a thoughts thread, I can understand the sharing of viewpoints when asked, however I don't see the presence of trophies having a negative impact on those that don't care for them. I like them, it helps me get the most out of my games. For those that don't like them, all power to you.

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@WanderingBullet: I own one piece pirate warriors 3 and the only reason its still on my shelf is due to the complete gallery trophy. The only one left. But they have shot themselves in the foot, I tend to buy 3-4 TK games a year. I have bought 1 this year as I just go back to 1 piece. I reckon my hours are past 130 with the game, and its outstayed its welcome. So all the other games can wait until its done, and it likely never will.

Great thread, I like trophies but they are now misused by companies to keep the disc in your tray. I had 44 complete games on x360 whilst away in the Navy, this gen I cant see myself busting 25-30 with more time on my hands as the plays are too time consuming and of course the dreaded multiplayer ones

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Trophies/Achievements were the birth of god damn collectibles in games! The worst mechanic for dragging a games longevity out.
I have no problem with trophies, I like others, 'compete' against some of my friends. Some people like them, some dont.
If you dont like them then they dont really interfere with enjoying games like we did before the dawn of these digital bragging rights.


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@themcnoisy: I seeā€¦ The thing with A.O.T's "Complete 100%" trophy is that you'd have to play "True Attack Mode" (most difficult mode) so that you can farm materials to craft the high-end weapons and gears. Problem is, you're only using "Easy/Normal" mode weapons and gears against the enemies making it super difficult and time consuming at times.

I actually don't mind multiplayer trophies since I like co-op games or as long as they're not too difficult if its PvP related.

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I think that it's important to tie trophies to accounts rather than have them on a game by game basis. For the user, it creates the idea of an ecosystem, meaning that no matter where they go, or what happens to their PlayStation, their history is stored out there somewhere in the ether. My PS4 could explode right now, and within ten minutes of buying a new one I'd have my account in front of me, trophies and all.

A unified achievement system also allows gamers to compete, compare, or even just talk about about their in-game achievements in a standardised way. Having ten of twenty medals in game A, and one hundred out of one hundred and fifty stars in another, and twelve A Ranked missions in another is fine, but it's nice to be able to talk in terms of Platinum, Gold, etc. which is the same across all games. It's nice to have a record of how thoroughly you've bested each game you've played.

It's important for Sony, too, because it creates a sense of attachment in the user. If you care about trophies, at all, then you're more likely to buy a PS5, PS6, PSwhatever. A trophy list is like a record of your relationship with that console, and so switching to a different console manufacturer means abandoning that history. Some people have no problem with that, but I know plenty would be reluctant to switch to Xbox because it would mean abandoning their PSN profile and the trophies associated with it. It's just another tool to convince you to stay.

Even if you've got both an Xbox One and a PS4, how many people choose which console they'll play multiplatform titles on based on whether they like trophies or achievements more? I know it matters to me, silly as it is. I got the Platinum for Bloodborne. I went back to play Dark Souls on my girlfriend's 360 because my PS3 exploded, and I didn't bother doing a lot of things because it didn't come with a trophy reward. I couldn't give a fig about achievements. But I'll probably platinum Dark Souls II and III on PS4.

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I personally enjoy getting trophies but not to the point where I'll grind out boring trophies. There is a wide variety of reasons collect them and as long as people enjoy what they are doing, why does it matter? Ultimately we play games to have fun and for some people that fun is just beating a boss, exploring a game and for others it is challenging themselves to do various things in the game.

The only time, in my opinion, that they can get in the way is when people don't want to play a game because of it's lack of trophies or it's unobtainable platinum. I have actually had this in the past, although now will play anything I want. It's worth noting that I've been a trophy hunter, and a non trophy hunter and at both times I had fun.

Fun. Fun. Fun. That's what matters in my opinion


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The problem for me is when people see them as some kind of skill indicator, or mark of prowess about how many platinums they have. I recall people saying those that used the FF7 cheat toggles shouldn't get a Platinum, which was comedy platinum in itself.

I don't mind trophies that genuinely reward skill, unexpected play or real achievements such as the "100 hit unbroken combo string in batman" or "complete a level with 50 precision shots, no deaths in Destiny", or my personal favourite; the hidden "irony" trophy in Bioshock, but the ones you get for watching intro videos or playing the game are just lazy dross. I might occasionally bear them in mind for "trying" to do something, but I've never gone out my way to get them all.



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