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Wonder if one should plug the power cable right into the wall outlet or use a surge protector?

I readed that Xbox have built in surge protector and that it was important to use it directly to wall to ensure it get enough power, is that the case with ps5 too? Or could i use a surge protector?

Thanks for replies.

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I would recommend using a good surge protector on all of your electronics. Even if you live in a new house or apartment, things can happen. I've lost three or four surge protectors over the years to lightening. They generally saved my stuff, though.

Get a good one, which will probably cost about $30, and you can plug everything in your entertainment centre into it.



lol my original Xbox One died. I plugged it into a surge protector and a surge happened, so if the PS5 has a built-in surge protector it's probably a bad idea to plug it into a surge protector. Replacement power brick from eBay saved my Xbox One but the newer ones have them built-in, and I've seen how much of a pain it is to take it apart and replace them. I'm not an electrical engineer and Sony does not have any advice, so I don't have a solid answer.

According to Reddit (which is not always a reliable source):



My sense is that a quality surge protector is probably still a good idea. Seems like in the case of the xbox having it plugged into surge protection had the potential to create problems while in a low power state, but nothing that would ultimately harm it.

Really just taking a guess here but I figure if I'm wrong nothing brings other commenters out like misinformation.

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I always use a good quality surge protector on all my major electrical devices.


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