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Hello I was wondering if it would be possible to play with my friend on my (eventually) ps5 and my friend on her ps4 together with the same game that was bought for ps4? example: we both have GTA5 on ps4 eventually 1 of us buys ps5 and still plays ps4 GTA5 game on the ps5 as its compatible to play your ps4 game on the ps5 console but my friend doesn't have ps5 yet but want to play together, can she play with me even though i'm on ps5 and she on ps4? Hope that makes sense, thanks.



That might depend on the game, if it's backwards compatability of the PS4 version then yes. If they port GTA V to the PS5 I do not know, that might be up to the game developer.



@Vicky8429 Not too much is known about the console so far and certainly not into that level of detail with cross gen play. The only problem you may have is that if PS5 boosts the performance of a ps4 game you could be getting higher frame rates and other benefits which would therefore put whoever is playing on a PS5 at an advantage. Which the developer/Sony may not want to happen.

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