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Is anyone else experiencing any of their face buttons on the new PS5 DualSense 'sticking' and taking longer than expected to return to their starting position after being pressed?

I've only been using the controller for perhaps an hour a night since launch and already my X button is sticking. After searching on Twitter and Youtube, this appears to be a common problem with some noting problems merely hours after beginning to use their pad.

It particularly means that double tapping X is nigh on impossible, for example trying to dodge in God Of War- it becomes almost unplayable!

Interested to know if anyone has found a solution other than sending it back and waiting weeks for a replacement.

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@Scottwood101 I don't believe the stickiness of my cross button is as terrible as you, but after a few days I already noticed wear on the face button too. It's a bit losser than the other buttons, which doesn't make it as clicky. I can still do all the double taps and, as of right now it doesn't impact gameplay at all, but it's definitely not as responsive as it should be if you're pushing it in quick succession. And I'm fearful of having to replace it quite early on.



My controller seems fine even playing with it since launch day.

Maybe buy one from amazon, swap it over and send it back as faulty?


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