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So I know theres so many options but I was wondering what would your number 1 pick be to buy as I have 160 pounds / 170 Euros to use on games if it helps i'll give my current list of games I already have.

Read Dead Redemption 2
God Of War
Resident Evil 2
The Last Of Us Remastered
WWE 2K19

Basically looking for really good games a few i picked out myself but would like 2nd opinions are the following.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Marvel's Spider-Man
Days Gone

Thanks for any help that can be given.



I've played all the games in your list and I think you'd be happy with all/any of them. The Witcher 3 is probably pretty cheap by now and would give you hours and hours of entertainment. The only word of caution I would give is that Bloodborne and Sekiro are hard as nails (and so not for everyone) and Days Gone is still in quite a bad state (bugs, crap frame rate etc.)



@Davehunt You haven't played GTA 5? Just borrow a copy from next door. Everyone in the UK has six copies - it's actually now more popular than Lego.

Seriously though - For games only the PS4 can play, Horizon zero Dawn is a better action game than Uncharted 4 imo. Its the PS4 game that will make your jaw drop. Spiderman is a fantastic romp, highly recommended. Both Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are worth buying and should be cheap (even though I'm not a fan of either preferring Final Fantasy 15 and Yakuza Zero for my comparable kicks).

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