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@themcnoisy: Nah man all the thanks go to you, outstanding job on keeping the thread going, getting everyone to vote, keeping score which had to be a bit awkward at least, all the while you have a busy life of your own. Also all my votes got into the top 4 so happy with that, delighted that Rocket League got the adoration it deserved Fantastic work again McNoisey, if there was a Forum Member of the Year award you'd be one of the favourites I'm sure!


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@themcnoisy: Thank you so much for setting this up and putting effort into into it

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Ok guys this wraps up this year's GOTY. Thanks again to @themcnoisy for setting it up and doing all the counting. Look forward to it again next year as some pretty big heavy hitters will be coming out next year, Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4, Overwatch just to name a few so it will be interested to see which game walks away with it next year.

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