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Hi guys, I am thinking of getting a new game soon and I'm thinking about getting Detroit: Become Human.

First things first, I'm well aware of David Cage, who developed the game with his studio, Quantic Dream. So, he is an expert when it comes to games based on dialogue options and story choices. I liked Heavy Rain and Until Dawn, but I wasn't very keen on Beyond, having downloaded it from PS Plus this month. I felt the Demo for Detroit was okay, but I've seen the hostage scene too many times to fully enjoy it.

So, I'd really like to ask those who are playing the game now about whether choices really matter, as I don't know if I should fully buy into Cagedom. Also, is the story original? I ask this because I like a tv show in the UK called Humans and the story looks incredibly similar to this.

Please let me know how you feel about the game so I can decide whether to buy it or not. I like racing games as well as narrative driven games, so Burnout Paradise Remastered or The Crew 2 are my other options at the moment.

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@SPGFan34 From what I have heard and read from reviews that the game is closer to Heavy Rain more then Beyond Two Souls. I personally haven't played the game my self, I am waiting for price drop which brings me to my other point is that the game can be completed in 8 to 10 hours so for me at least $60 is a bit steep for a game.that short. As for choices matter I am not sure what you mean by that, I guess they do matter to a point but the way it matters is how the story unfolds. There is no right or wrong choices, just different results if that makes sense. It's more like a choose your own adventure book.

But yeah if you are on the fence, like me, I would wait for a price drop. As interesting as it is too me there are other games I want to get here more, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2, Ikaruga and Bloodstained Curse of the Moon just to name a few, that will keep me busy untill Detroit comes down in price.

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Haven't played it yet (kinda like Tasuki, I've got my hands full at the moment, namely the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection next I just bought a bunch of sale games so I gotta stop myself!), but the following video spiked my interest in the game, namely because it implies that the choices actually DO affect the story in a meaningful way (more like Heavy Rain and less like the super linear Beyond: Two Souls):

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@SPGFan34 I think @get2sammyb - who finished the game twice and reviewed it here - would be the person to answer your questions.

He addressed some of your questions in the review too and his comments there. He said the game was way closer to Heavy Rain too. But I understand his 7/10 and accompanying review, aren't necessarily getting you off the fence.

Interested what other people's impressions are of course!



Yes they matter. You have to be somewhat realistic here; it's still generally the same story within the same environments however you choose to play it. However, my second playthrough included a 90 minute sequence that I didn't even see on my first playthrough, which should give you an idea of how different things can be. There are also some things that I'm just learning about now that I didn't know were even possible.

So yes, your decisions matter. You can literally kill protagonists within the first hour of the game, and they don't come back. The story just adapts.


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