Topic: Bandai Namco starting the "Arcade Game Series" line for PS4 in Spring 2016

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Nice, retro classics are always a treat on modern consoles. Something about the fact that it takes around 5 seconds to get to the actual gameplay.....a wonderful contrast and supplement to modern titles.

I'm waiting for the Capcom and SNK games to start showing up (patiently).



Be nice if we can get the classic Atari games (Pitfall, Pitfall 2, Yars Revenge and more) for the PS4...hated playing them on 360, but would love to see them re-released on PS4 with trophy support.

Looking forward to these games though...there's always going to be love for Pac-Man!!!!


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@JLPick: They are better in your memory pal, I've got the Atari Flashback for Xmas. Oh my word, the games are really bad.


Dear Bandai Namco

Blow my mind and rerelease Anna Kournikovas smash court tennis for PS4. I will buy 2 copies.

Make it happen.


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I still have my original atari, it just looks terrible on HD televisions...very fuzzy. Still have fun playing, even though there is no graphics, story, barely any music or sound FX...backgrounds...oh, but I can play a square!!!! Yeah, I was wondering on if the flashback items were any good or not.


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@JLPick: The Flashback products are just homebrews with a few classic game roms in a fancy case pretty much. If you enjoy those old games, then yeah it's worth it especially since you can find them cheap like 20 dollars or less. I have the Colecovision one and I love it not big on television homebrew games but the playing games like Monterey Zumas' Revenge is great.

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