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Hi all,
I downloaded a save file for God of War Collection [EU Version, PS3] and used a FAT32 USB pendrive to store the unzipped save files inside PS3/SAVEDATA and inserted the pendrive inside my EU PS3. I can find the save file and copy it inside my console with no problem.

The issue is: when I start the game, the save file can't be found and I just have the game at 0%. Any tip on that?



@SirZeel Whilst I've no experience with this specific issue, I do find PS3 save files to be notoriously hit-and-miss whenever copied. Even when I've backed up some of my own save files via USB, and then copied them to a new console, I've had the same results; I can see them, I can transfer them to the menu, but then the game just acts like they aren't there.

Sorry, that's not really an answer to your problem; more just a confirmation that you aren't alone.

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