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Hello i have a ps3 slim, im trying to update its hhd froms the original 250 gb to 2 tb i bought a samsung 870 evo sata 2.5 ssd. i pluged it on my pc to format it in fat32. also downloades the newest software version 4.89 on a flash drive with fat32 format, then created the folder PS3 / UPDATE / PS3UPDAT.PUP.
i started the proces of updating my ps3, and the i have the screen where it says formatting dont extract the hard drive not turn off the system. but its stuck at 99% and its alredy like that for like 2 days.

does someone has any idea or solution.
i dont know what else to do.



@DrJC this is going to sound really weird but apparently the PS3 has issues with any drive over 1.5tb. I remember reading about it when I upgraded my HDD a few years back and failing to find a 1.5tb drive (I'm not sure they exist), I settled for a 1tb. Not sure if that's your issue or not.

I remember a very similar thing actually happened with mine, got stuck at 99 for a couple of days - I came home from work and it was clicking to hell. Turned out the drive was faulty (probably bad packaging from Amazon) and I had to get a new one. I was using a HDD though not an SSD so I doubt that is your issue.

See ya!

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