Topic: Which PSVR games you are most excited to play this Holiday Season?

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Which PSVR release are you most hyped about?

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None. Don't really want to spend the money on something that's a flash in the pan. However there's a bunch of normal PS4 games I want to play.

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@Tasuki What was even the point of posting then?

On-topic, I really need to get around to playing Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and I may play Deracine before the year is out. What happened to Beat Saber? That was meant to release this year.



Déraciné of course... The best new PSVR game... I prefer and Call of Cthulhu on PSVR and with some increase price, because this is not a triple A game...
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Astrobot and Moss. Although they have been out a while Im looking forward to playing them over Xmas.

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After having tried the weekend-demo for Tetris Effect, I must say that it will be one of the main PSVR-compatible games that will kill the waiting-time for Ace Combat 7 (Which I look VERY much forward to!!!!!! What can I say? I'm just a extreme nerd, when it comes to everything aviation-related. ;D).
Other than that, Moss, which I, sadly, haven't had the time to play, as much as I would have wanted yet, is definitely going to get some more attention in the near future.



@themcnoisy Moss looks really explorative! Quill is so cute 😭 Are you a fan of Adventure/Puzzle games usually?

@JGEDK Tetris Effect looks beautiful. I'm low-key a Tetris master for some reason LOL, so i'm excited to give it a try.

@Angry_Chainsaw Call of Cthulhu looks fun. I read an article on it recently, from what I have read, there's tons of story options, comparative to those in the tell-tale games. I have played Call of Cthulhu the table top game, which I very much enjoyed. Do you find yourself interested in Love Craftian lore in general, or are you just excited for this game in particular?

@Angry_Chainsaw @LiamCroft @get2sammyb Deracine looks beautiful. Are you guys Bloodborne fans as well?
This article was interesting!



Don't really want to spend the money on something that's a flash in the pan.



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