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All of my controllers are having serious input lags all of a sudden on my launch ps4. I’ve reset them all, reinitiated my ps4, changed my modem, removed my external ssd, and still no change.

No new phones or any Bluetooth devices were added to my home. I removed them all and it didn’t help. Also I changed my WiFi channels and tried turning them off. I still get the lag with single player games.

The most strange thing of all is that the lag still occurs when I’m playing wired via usb, but slightly less bad. Still unplayable.

Hope someone can help!



@Famous_ocean are you sure it's not your TV?

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I’m not sure, although game mode is on and I have no issues with my Nintendo switch on the same tv.



Most likely a tv issue, switch off GAME MODE to see if it helps.



When I switch off game mode the lag gets a lot worse. I’ve tried toggling it on and off with no luck. Trying another tv now



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