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Hi, I'm new but just had a werid situation with my playstation account and the only thing that makes sense to me is someone at playstation support changed my email in a attempt to steal my account so I wanted to post here to get others opinions. I know it sounds very unlikely but my account is pretty valuable in terms of purchased games and such. I had my account since PS3 and buy all my games digtal..I'm not sure the exact number but I have over 100 games on the account. Okay so anyway about a week ago I had my account suspended for trash talking..this was my first time ever getting a suspension. First I get a email saying I'm suspended for 3 days then about a hour later I get another email saying I'm now suspended for 7 days...weird. Okay I say whatever and play on my alt account but I have been checking my real account every couple days just to see if I could log in but of course no success. Now today the day before my ban is up I did the same...filled in my password and went to sign in but it said my email or passowrd was incorrect. I know for a fact I typed right password and tried to enter it a couple times just to be sure. My email account connected to my PS account was not compromised. No hacker one could log into my account to change my PW because it was suspended so that only leaves it up someone working at Playstation. I will be calling Playstation tomorrow to see if I can speak to a supervisor about the matter. What are your thoughts? Like how is it even possible if it wasn't PS staff...

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

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@NotHappyWithPSN Go on the PlayStation website and go to sign in. Use the trouble signing in link and reset your password.

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@Bentleyma- Yeah I changed my password again but who changed my password in the last couple days while my account is suspended? That's what I don't couldn't have been a hacker since my email account was not hacked.



@NotHappyWithPSN You don’t get suspended for just trash talking. You’re gonna have to be more specific about what you said so that we can figure out if it’s a permaban situation.

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@nessisonett It was literally just trash talking in private msgs. Some kid sent me a msg talking trash after I left game so I trash talked back and blocked him...that was it. The next day I seen I was suspended when trying to log online so went to check my email. It's not a permaban 100%. The first email said it was a 3 day bab then the 2nd email said it was a 7 day ban. The ban will be lifted tomorrow on the 22nd.



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