The Last of Us Part I PS5 PlayStation 5 1

The Last Of Us: Part I is the remake from Naughty Dog that’ll bring the 2013 PS3 classic up to the technological standard of a brand new PS5 release. This remake was long-rumoured, and then leaked to the high heavens, but now that Naughty Dog has almost been strong-armed into revealing more info about the game, we have a lot more official information out there.

The remake itself has been home to quite some controversy, namely surrounding pricing, and what degree of a remake it will actually be, with many comparing it to a remaster or just a plain old “cash grab”.

However, rumours and leaks aside, we feel it best to judge the product from what we’ve been officially told. So, to help you make up your mind on whether this remake is for you, we’ve accrued 30 facts you need to know about The Last Of Us Part 1 over on the Push Square YouTube channel.

There you can expect to discover info on elements such as gameplay improvements, editions of the game available to purchase, and any new features coming to the release for the first time. It’s an odd mish-mash of incredibly impressive stuff and lacklustre features, in our opinion.

Once you’ve given the video a watch, let us know if you think it is all enough, and whether you plan on picking up the game, now that you know more about what you are getting for your money.