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While we consider Push Square to be a place for passionate PlayStation fans to gather and discuss their preferred pastime, the PS Blog is Sony’s official home and the place to get news straight from the horse’s mouth. Often we’ll take that information and extrapolate on it here, adding commentary and polls for you to share your opinion. But is the PS Blog reaching its full potential?

Even as the editor of the world’s biggest independent PS5 and PS4 website, this author’s found his eyes glazing over the PS Blog more and more of late. The site updates daily, but rarely meaningfully, with sponsored content from development partners padding out the publishing cycle between PS Plus and PS Now updates. Occasionally you’ll get a post from top-brass like Jim Ryan, but these rarely feel authentic.

As we write this article, the headline feature is a “look behind the scenes” at “Savathûn”. It’s only when you read the sub-headline that you realise this is related to Destiny 2: there’s nothing in the headline that illustrates that. Scrolling to the bottom of the page you can go all the way back to 4th November, meaning barely anything has been published in the past two weeks.

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There’s an article on how to draw Astro Bot, which does include some cool concept art from Team Asobi. And then one of the main highlighted features pertains to Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the new movie from Sony Pictures. Obviously we understand the Japanese giant is internally promoting synergy between its divisions, but this feels out of place.

Perhaps we have rose-tinted glasses, but we remember the PS Blog being the ultimate destination for PlayStation information not too long ago; these days it feels like a sporadic mish-mash of sponsored posts that no one’s really paying attention to. There was talk recently of developers being offered spots on the PS Blog as part of the platform holder’s promotional support, but do you even read them?

It feels like the website has lost a lot of its identity, and much of what it publishes is just noise. There was a period once upon a time where it included features where you could share your ideas for firmware updates, and these could be upvoted by other users depending on their importance. All of this functionality has been removed now, and while you can still comment, it feels like talking into a void.

Of course, the PS Blog will always be the venue for Sony to make major announcements, so when the next PSVR headset is showcased or God of War Ragnarok gets a release date, you’ll find it first on the PS Blog. In that sense it’s serving its purpose, but it should be so much more. This should be a direct connection between fans and creators, but the site feels stale these days.

In fact, like so much of PlayStation’s approach over the past couple of years, it’s frustratingly corporate. Whether or not it’s nostalgia speaking, the late PS3 and early PS4 era felt collaborative between fans and the company. These days, it seems like Sony is content simply filling dead air until it’s ready to make its next major announcement, whenever that may be. PS Blog is a symptom of PlayStation’s approach in 2021.

What are your thoughts on the PS Blog in 2021? Do you think it’s as good as it’s always been, or has it all got a bit stale? Do you even care about Sony’s official website? Let us know in the comments section below.

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What are your thoughts on the PS Blog in 2021?