Octopath Traveler 2 What Are You Playing This Weekend WAYP 1

Do you know what's a beautiful blessing? April Fool's Day on a Saturday! Usually, this is a time for trepidation among the Push Square Team, but we'll be kicking our feet up today, casually avoiding the usual pitfalls while we play some games.

Aaron Bayne

With Burning Shores a few weeks away, I thought it was time I pushed on with Horizon Forbidden West, which I still haven't finished! But 20 hours or so in, I'm still thoroughly enjoying my time with this PlayStation exclusive, and with each session I'm more in awe of how drop dead gorgeous it looks in 4K HDR.

Jamie O'Neill

You can currently save 50% off PS4 Andro Dunos II in the PS Store's Spring Sale, and it's a standout example of an authentic feeling 2022 retro modern sequel to a 1992 side-scrolling Neo Geo shoot-'em-up.

Khayl Adam

I’m up to the Castle in Resident Evil 4, so finishing that up remains top priority. The summer heat seems to have finally broken here in Australia, so I might even (gasp) venture outside?!

Liam Croft

Having finished one excellent game (Like a Dragon: Ishin!), I've immediately moved on to another: Octopath Traveler II. I'm only five hours in, but this game feels special so far.

Robert Ramsey

I'm a good ways into Trails of Cold Steel III now, and I'm loving it all over again. It's honestly better than ever after Trails to Azure, because that game lends so much more weight to the surrounding story. I think Falcom's mental for creating such an interconnected series, but it's hard not to appreciate the effort.

Simon Fitzgerald

After finishing up The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners last weekend, it'll be yet another weekend of PSVR2 for me. I’ll be making my way through Moss, Moss: Book II, and Before Your Eyes, I’ve heard the latter is a real tearjerker.

Stephen Tailby

I'll be spending most of the weekend checking out Meet Your Maker, which is debuting on PS Plus Essential next week. I'll be sharing some impressions then, with a full review to come once I've had the chance to play with a larger player count.

It's a huge WAYP this week, with everyone focused on a different game. It really goes to show how much variety there is on PlayStation right now. Of course, we want to hear from you, too: what are you playing this weekend? Let us know below.