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There are so many games releasing right now that WAYP is really fun every week. Practically everyone one on our team is playing different titles, and it's a similar story in the comments, too!

Annette Magaña

It's been a while, I’ve been kind of busy creating a little YouTube channel, but March is packed and full of hype so back to the grind! Honestly, I'm not sure if I should start Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or try out Scars Above. Not to mention, I still have yet to play Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Jamie O'Neill

Just like Scrat from Ice Age, I haphazardly squirreled away my copy of PS4 Dead Cells amongst my game collections in storage, and now I can't find it in time for the Return to Castlevania DLC next Monday, 6th March.

Khayl Adam

I'm on another top-secret review assignment, but I’m hoping to tie up some loose ends in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty this weekend, time permitting.

Sammy Barker

The Final Fantasy 16 hype encouraged me to finally play Final Fantasy VII Remake's expansion, which has exceeded my expectations so far. I'm also continuing to work on a variety of PSVR2 reviews.

Scott McCrae

I'm just plucking away at Resident Evil 4 before Resident Evil 4 comes out. I may pick up Dragons Dogma too to stop me from playing Fortnite all weekend.

Simon Fitzgerald

Wow, what a busy week it’s been with all these PSVR2 reviews and what better way to end it than by playing a few more this weekend. I’ll be blasting zombies in After the Fall and when that all gets a bit much I’ll be relaxing by petting penguins in Garden of the Sea. Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on both in the coming days.

Stephen Tailby

It’s still very much PSVR2 o’clock for me, with a handful of launch games on my list to play. I’ll be checking out What the Bat and No Man’s Sky, to name a couple.

So many different games! But of course we want to know what you're playing as well. As always, let us know what's keeping you busy in the comments section below.