Remember Dead Cells? This game from Motion Twin launched on PS4 last August, and it's easily one of the best rogue-lite action titles on the system. Since its release, the small studio has been hard at work updating the game, and it's just launched the first major DLC with the Rise of the Giant expansion. Even better, it's free of charge.

Rise of the Giant introduces a whole host of fresh content. First up is a brand new level, accessible to anyone who's beaten the game at least once. There's a new boss fight to go with it too, and new weapons, skills, and more with which to defeat it. New enemy types will make your life difficult as well. The DLC also introduces new skins for the player character, which is nice.

As we've mentioned, Rise of the Giant is available now on PS4, and it's a free update for anyone who owns the game. Will you be checking out what the DLC has to offer? Have you been religiously playing Dead Cells all year? Get back in your cell in the comments below.