Sony has announced its next-gen PSVR2 headset will cost £529.99/$549.99/€599.99, which is more than a PS5. It's a lot of money to see written down, but when you start to consider the technology you're getting in exchange, the picture starts to become clearer. As detailed in our Full Specs Comparison guide including the Meta Quest 2 and Valve Index, the PSVR2 stacks up favourably against other VR devices on the market.

Whether that matters or not is tough to call when such a high price is put in front of you, however. To supplement that cost, Sony confirmed Horizon Call of the Mountain will be a launch title and then revealed another 11 games coming to the headset in the future. Pre-orders go live on 15th November 2022.

So, the question today for Push Square users is: will you pay the PSVR2 launch price of £529.99/$549.99/€599.99? You can place your vote in the poll and then expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

Will you pay the PSVR2 launch price?
If you're pre-ordering, what PSVR2 bundle will you go for?