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The Sniper Elite series has been aggressively consistent, with storied developer Rebellion fine-tuning its execution with each iteration, rarely reinventing the wheel, but doing just enough with the franchise’s established stealth/sniping gameplay to keep it fresh. Gruff protagonist Karl Fairburne’s latest infiltration into occupied France is arguably the best yet, with sturdy level design and punchy, rewarding combat.

“Sniper Elite 5 knows exactly who it’s aimed at, and Rebellion is on target as always,” we declared in our Sniper Elite 5 PS5 review. “The developer’s dense French sandboxes are hugely replayable, and look fantastic to boot. There are some sloppy gameplay mechanics, like the climbing and twitchy camera, but these are easy to forgive. A wide array of difficulty options mean both super-agents and rookies can eke something out of this title, and with the release accommodating so many different play styles, it represents a real bullet to our heart – or should that be balls?”

But now it’s your turn to let us know whether you agree! Is Sniper Elite 5 on target, or a total misfire? As always, we want to know what review score you’d give to the game in the poll – and, of course, let us know why in the comments section below.

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Remember, if you’re still playing through the game then you can find our Sniper Elite 5 guide through the link. And of course, we’ll continue to keep our binoculars pointed in developer Rebellion’s direction, and will bring you more Sniper Elite news – including the latest on the game’s Season Pass – as and when we receive the official intel.