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Image: Push Square

PSVR2 has been out a little while now, and while it’s admittedly still early days, it’s time for us to start thinking about what games we’d recommend for prospective new players. As we’ve done with our Best PS5 Games and Best PS4 Games list, we want to put the power in your hands, encouraging you to rate your favourites so we can rank them definitively.

Of course, we can’t do that without your help, which brings us to this article. On this page you’ll find a full list of all PSVR2 games released thus far, and we’d encourage you to submit your ratings for any/all you’ve played. It’s easy enough to do: just click the little star next to the game’s name and drop your rating out of ten.

Once we’ve crunched all of the data, we’ll be able to rank the titles from best to worst, and we’ll follow up with a full article including your list of best PSVR2 games. As is the case with PS5 and PS4, this will be an ongoing process, so we very much intend to stay on top of this throughout the course of PSVR2’s entire lifespan.

But we have to start somewhere, and that begins with this initial list of launch games. Don’t worry if you haven’t played everything yet – we can’t imagine many have – just rate the releases you have had a chance to try. And if a particular title you intended to rank is for some inexplicable reason missing, be sure to let us know and we’ll investigate!

So, what are your favourite PSVR2 games? Make sure you’ve submitted your ratings above, and then tell us what scores you’ve added and why in the comments section below.