Spider-Man 2 Bugs Poll
Image: Push Square

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has been out for a few days now on PS5. Sony's latest blockbuster has already enjoyed record-breaking sales and incredibly positive critic reviews — but there's a new topic of conversation unfolding around the superhero sequel. In short, there are a lot of people saying that the game's a bit of a bug-fest (and not because of the Spider-Men themselves).

A quick poke around social media and YouTube really does suggest that some players are having quite serious issues with the PS5 exclusive. Typically, bugs and technical problems in general aren't things that we associate with first-party PlayStation titles, but the evidence is out there — and in some cases, it's actually piling up.

For the record, we had two of our editors playing through Spider-Man 2 for upwards of a combined 70 hours for review and guide purposes, and neither of them came across any particularly bad bugs. Some clipping here and there alongside some audio glitching, but that's about it — and coverage from other outlets would also suggest that it's a very polished product.

So, where are all these bug reports coming from? Well, it's widely believed that installing the game on your PS5 via a physical disc can lead to problems — if you can get past the 36% installation error — which is just strange to begin with. Beyond that, though, it's very hard to determine what might be causing some players to have pretty significant issues.

And so we have to ask: have you encountered any bugs while playing Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Vote in our poll, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

Have you had any bugs in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? (2,847 votes)

  1. Yes actually, my game's been shockingly buggy14%
  2. Yeah, I've had a surprising number of bugs21%
  3. Yep, but just minor bugs26%
  4. Kind of, I've had the odd visual bug but that's it15%
  5. No, I haven't noticed any bugs at all24%