Rumour: Even More Xbox Exclusives Coming to PS5 Than Already Reported 1
Image: Push Square

There have been rumours about Microsoft’s shift in strategy for weeks now, but things really intensified overnight. While it was previously reported that Tango Gameworks’ rhythm-action game Hi-Fi Rush and Rare’s oceanic online escapade Sea of Thieves would come to PS5, fresh speculation has pegged Todd Howard’s tentpole sci-fi RPG Starfield and even MachineGames’ upcoming Indiana Jones outing for Sony’s system.

And it sounds like it won’t end there! According to VGC’s Andy Robinson, even “more of [Xbox’s games] are coming than reported”. There have been whispers Microsoft Flight Simulator could make the jump, and we wouldn’t be surprised if smaller titles like Pentiment eventually got ported as well. It seems unthinkable to even consider the likes of Halo and Forza Horizon, but until we know the extent of Microsoft’s strategy, all bets are off right now.

There’s been some speculation that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II could also eventually release on PS5, but these rumours feel much more like guesswork than any others.

We’ll obviously try to contact Microsoft and see if we can learn more, but as alluded to above, we suspect it’s going to have to put out a statement imminently, because things have gotten out of control this weekend. We’ll update as and when we can.