GTA 6 PS4 Poll
Image: Push Square

Well, it's finally happening. The rumours can finally end, the rabid fans can finally know peace, and we can all just sit down and patiently await the Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal trailer, which has been confirmed to drop at some point in December.

But now that Rockstar's massively anticipated project is about to step out from the shadows, we can't help wondering... what if it's a cross-gen game? That is, what if it's releasing for PS5 and PS4?

If you're anything like us, you're a bit sick and tired of seeing titles still launching on Sony's last-gen console. The system's ten years old. And yes, it sold stupidly well, to the point where a lot of more casual gamers will still use it as their primary console, but come on, enough is enough.

The PS5 is fast approaching its third anniversary and it feels like Sony itself has only just left the PS4 behind, with Horizon Forbidden West expansion Burning Shores and the recent Marvel's Spider-Man 2 being full-blown PS5 exclusives.

The thing is, if GTA 6 is officially announced next month, then it probably isn't coming out until summer 2024 at the earliest. Hell, a lot of people will tell you that it's nailed on for 2025. But can you imagine a game as massive as GTA 6 coming to PS4 in 2025? It sounds insane... but also somehow plausible, given the utterly ridiculous reach of Rockstar's franchise.

And so we have to ask: do you think GTA 6 will actually release on PS4 as well as PS5? Is such a thing possible? Vote in our poll, and then cross your fingers in the comments section below.

Do you think GTA 6 will be a PS4 game? (4,280 votes)

  1. Yes, Rockstar isn't going to miss out on PS4 sales16%
  2. Probably, I think it's a real possibility10%
  3. I honestly don't know7%
  4. Nah, I'd be very surprised31%
  5. No, there's zero chance of it launching on a decade-old console36%