Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Poll

It's being torn to shreds on Metacritic and its unbelievable bugs have already spawned countless internet memes, but we have no doubt that GTA Trilogy will pull some serious sales numbers. Whether the game deserves commercial success if obviously up for debate (the developer has at least confirmed that updates are in the works), but as always, we want to know if you've snagged a copy of this new release.

Our review is still in progress, but we did try to outline the ups and downs of the remastered collection in our GTA Trilogy PS5 Hands On. "No, the GTA Trilogy isn’t as bad as the social media furore may suggest – but it is slapdash at best, and these classics deserve better than that," we concluded.

So, did you buy GTA Trilogy? Maybe you're holding out hope for patches and potential price drops? Vote in our polls, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

Did you buy GTA Trilogy?
Did you play the original GTA games included in GTA Trilogy?