PS Plus August 2023 Poll

Your PS Plus Essential games for August 2023 have been confirmed, and we've already seen a lot of divided opinions out there in the wilds of the internet. As per usual, we're getting three titles on the first Tuesday of the month, and they are: golfing sim PGA Tour 2K23, Media Molecule's creativity-fueled Dreams, and indie darling Death's Door.

These are three highly rated games, but the issue might be that they're a bit... specialised. If you don't have the slightest interest in golf you're probably giving PGA Tour a miss, and if you've held off on Dreams all these years, then you simply may not care enough to give it a shot. Death's Door, at least, is a little broader in terms of appeal; an action adventure that takes clear inspiration from a number of classics.

But we're not here to shape your opinion — that's what the poll's for! So as always, cast your votes, and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Are you happy with your PS Plus Essential games for August 2023? (1,659 votes)

  1. Yes, very happy9%
  2. Yeah, mostly happy20%
  3. Meh, they're okay19%
  4. Nah, I'm not happy17%
  5. No, it's a crap selection33%
  6. I don't have PS Plus1%

Which August 2023 PS Plus Essential game are you most looking forward to? (1,500 votes)

  1. Death's Door28%
  2. Dreams17%
  3. PGA Tour 2K2312%
  4. None of them, to be honest42%
  5. I don't have PS Plus1%