Sony has announced the next lineup of PS Plus Essential monthly games, and amazingly, it's done so without them leaking beforehand. August 2023's trio of treats have been revealed over on the PS Blog as usual, and here's what you're getting this time:

The games will be redeemable via your PS Plus subscription starting from Tuesday next week (1st August), and will remain in place until 5th September. They'll be playable as long as your subscription is active. Our All PS Plus Games master list has all the information you'll need.

PGA Tour 2K23 is fairly self-explanatory — it's an officially licensed golf sim title from 2K Sports that released last year. While it isn't the latest PGA Tour game — that'd be EA Sports' more recent iteration — this is still a solid spin on the sport from the team that previously worked on The Golf Club.

Next up is Dreams, a PS4 exclusive we're shocked hasn't been on PS Plus Essential before. This is Media Molecule's hugely impressive creation game — you have access to a powerful set of tools that lets you make more or less whatever you can envision. But if you don't fancy that, you can simply play all of the thousands of bizarre and brilliant things already made by the community — and the studio itself. It's an amazingly innovative game that's long needed more players, so this is a perfect fit for Plus.

Finally we have Death's Door, a top-down action game from the creators of Titan Souls. Playing as a crow employed to retrieve lost souls, you venture out into the world of the living in search of them, and come up against surprisingly tricky combat, clever environmental puzzles, and memorable boss battles. It has a great aesthetic and rock solid gameplay, and is well worth playing if you're into your Zelda-likes or, whisper it, Souls-likes.

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