And that's your lot for 2021. Barring any unusual PR decisions to make an announcement during the Xmas holidays, it's going to be a "SlOw NeWs DaY" right until mid-January now. We're winding down now as our Game of the Year content soon takes over, but there's still something we need to address: our 2021 predictions. At the start of the year, the Push Square editorial team each shared three predictions for the coming 12 months. Now it's time to find out if we're any good at predicting the future or not.

Sammy Barker, Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2021 - How Did We Do? 2

"E3 is over."

It's tough to judge whether Sammy deserves a point for this first prediction. The COVID pandemic forced E3 to once again be a digital affair, and given the current state of the world, it's very unclear if the 2022 instalment will have to follow the same path. The first E3 you can actually attend will undoubtedly receive a boost purely because it's a physical event again, but who knows when that will be. the longer we have to wait, though, the more publishers will push for a digital presence. We'll give Sammy half a point here. It only seems fair since this will probably happen sooner rather than later.

"Starfield gets a full-price PS5 release a month after Xbox."

While Starfield isn't out until November 2022, we can confidently say this isn't happening. It's fully exclusive to the Xbox family of consoles and PC — end of. Nil poi.

"It's a big year for Uncharted."

Nah, not really. We eventually got a trailer for the Uncharted film out in February, but Sammy predicted we would see a brand new game in the series announced this year and that definitely didn't happen. Instead, we got Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, which remasters 4: A Thief's End and The Lost Legacy for PS5. Maybe this prediction deserves half a point since a new Uncharted product was theoretically announced this year? We'll be generous and allow it.

1/3 points

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2021 - How Did We Do? 3

"Final Fantasy VII Remake gets an expanded re-release on PS5 (and other platforms)."

Correct! Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade came out on PS5 this year, and it was very recently released on PC via the Epic Games Store. Our first full point — good job, Robert.

"Final Fantasy XVI gets a November 2021 release date, then it's delayed into 2022."

We haven't seen or heard from Final Fantasy XVI in any substantial manner since its reveal last year, so a release date is still MIA. It certainly didn't launch last month, so this prediction is void. Zero points here.

"We'll see Kratos ride a giant wolf in God of War Ragnarok gameplay."

Gameplay was presented this past September, but at no point does Kratos ride a giant wolf in the footage. He does use wolves to transport him aboard a sledge across the now frozen Lake of Nine, but they're very much normal-sized. Maybe huge wolves are a part of the game, but this slice of God of War Ragnarok action didn't show it. Another dud of a prediction.

1/3 points

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2021 - How Did We Do? 1

"The Bloodborne remaster is real, and it'll be announced and released in 2021."

No, it's not Stephen. You've got to let go of this one! A remaster of Bloodborne wasn't announced this year, and a Bloodborne remaster wasn't released this year. No points for you.

"Spyro gets his turn with a brand new game."

Sorry Spyro fans, but it looks like Activision is all on in Call of Duty. The company now also has to deal with its own internal troubles. As cool as a new Spyro game would be, the purple dragon's return wasn't revealed this year.

"MLB The Show 21 is released on multiple platforms, and there will be memes."

Looking back on this prediction, we think Stephen was trying to be a little sneaky because PS5 and PS4 are theoretically different platforms. We don't need to argue over this one, though, because MLB The Show 21 was also released for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, marking the series' first appearance on a Microsoft system. Stephen predicted there would be memes relating to differences in performance between the various versions, but this didn't really happen. There were memes simply because of the existence of an Xbox version. Stephen rescues it with a full point for his final prediction.

1/3 points

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2021 - How Did We Do? 4

"Elden Ring finally makes a comeback, but it won't launch in 2021."

Bang on, Liam! Elden Ring was part of Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest showcase, but it didn't come out this year. It will instead release in February 2022. What a prediction — one full point here.

"CD Projekt RED will release the first major piece of Cyberpunk 2077 DLC for free."

Liam saw this as a sort of makegood for the awful launch of Cyberpunk 2077, but the funny thing is that CD Projekt RED hasn't even gotten round to actually talking about that DLC yet. It's still working on the last-gen versions and delaying the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions to next year! Maybe this will happen in 2022, but as a prediction for the past 12 months, it doesn't score any points.

"Sony offers a new subscription service that houses PS Plus and PS Now under one roof."

Liam put too much faith into Sony rolling this new service out in a timely manner as it looks like it'll actually happen early next year instead. Details of a Project Spartacus were shared recently by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, with one of the tiers bringing PS Plus and PS Now under one roof. Had Sony been quicker on the draw, Liam would have gotten another point here. As it stands, he's likely just a few months out.

1/3 points

Rather bizarrely, it's a four-way tie this year! Each editor got just one point, either through a correct prediction or half points off of two guesses. We'll be back at the beginning of 2022 with another slate of PS5, PS4 predictions, but until then, congratulate us all in the comments below.