Our Game of the Year coverage continues with the Best PS5, PS4 Indie Game of 2022, of which a top four has been put together by the Push Square editorial team. This category crowns the best PS5, PS4 titles from independent teams that lack the usual resources and marketing budget of AAA developers. At the end, we will list a few honourable mentions.

Bronze Trophy: Inscryption

GOTY Indie 2

The magic of an indie game is its potential to do things differently, and Inscryption takes that possibility to an entirely new level. You're very unlikely to play something like the experience Daniel Mullins has put together ever again. What seems like a card game upon first impression will continue to surprise you with new areas and mechanics. It's one of those games where the less you know the better, so do yourself a favour and don't look anything up before playing.

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Silver Trophy: Sifu

GOTY Indie 3

Sifu demands you learn its combat system — as long as you don't change the difficulty — and coming out the other side a success is one of 2022's best sources of satisfaction. While keeping your age down, you'll brawl through many stylish levels in a bid for revenge, learning new moves as you go and experimenting with counters and blocks. Probably more for the Devil May Cry crowd than anyone else, but if it clicks, then Sifu will put a smile across your face in amongst all the bloody action.

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Gold Trophy: OlliOlli World

GOTY Indie 4

If you want your games to feel good while you play them, look no further than pretty much anything put out by Roll7. Its latest achievement is OlliOlli World, which builds upon previous titles with a more expansive and deeper skateboarding experience. It's a sublime game with a beautiful art style that puts its predecessors to shame thanks to addictive score-chasing gameplay and enjoyable challenges to complete on the side. There aren't many other games you would want to replay over and over again just for the feel as much as OlliOlli World.

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Platinum Trophy: Cult of the Lamb

GOTY Indie 5

The rogue-like genre might have been getting slightly stale for some, so how about combining it with Animal Crossing and letting you slaughter your followers? As unusual as its premise is, Cult of the Lamb goes above and beyond to be named the best PS5, PS4 indie game of 2022. Massive Monster has developed a very satisfying loop where dungeon crawling is matched with community management all in the name of making your own cult. With fantastic visuals and cracking combat, Cult of the Lamb once again represents the fairly unique perk of being an indie studio: the ability to break away from the norm. It's time for you to create your own cult full of lambs.

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Honourable mentions: Rollerdrome, Stray, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, and Tunic.

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What was your favourite PS5, PS4 indie game of 2022?