Best PSVR Games We Want Upgraded for PSVR2 1
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With the PSVR2 honeymoon now over and the immediate future looking a tiny little bit light in terms of upcoming titles, we’ve compiled a list of PSVR games we’d like to see either updated or upgraded for PlayStation’s latest headset. Remember, if you'd like a more definitive list of Best PSVR2 Games you can buy right now (including some excellent upgraded PSVR ports) you can find that through the link.

Arca's Path (PS4)

A PSVR title that went unnoticed by a lot of players, Arca’s Path VR is an impressive Super Monkey Ball style game that sees you rolling a marble from A to B while avoiding obstacles along the way. It would greatly benefit from PSVR2’s upgraded visuals that’ll enhance the already gorgeous environments you roll through and with the implementation of the haptics in the PSVR2 Sense Controllers you’d feel every bump in the varying terrains.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PS4)

Arguably the best PSVR title available, Astro Bot Rescue Mission has you playing as Astro on a mission to rescue his robot buddies in a charming and innovative 3D platformer. It's best described as “the Mario-game PlayStation has always yearned for” and an upgraded PSVR2 version is almost inevitable, we just hope it comes with some additional content or that a full-blown sequel is in the works.

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Batman: Arkham VR (PS4)

“I’m Batman!” has never felt so real until this little title was released on PSVR, as you investigate crimes in Gotham through the eyes of the caped crusader on a journey to protect your closest allies from unknown assailants. An updated version would really benefit from PSVR2’s superior visuals and hand tracking alike.

Battlezone (PS4)

Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! Battlezone was a PSVR launch title back in October 2016 and it’s about time it got back in the limelight with an updated PSVR2 version. Just think of how far VR technology has come in the past seven years since it released; a substantial upgrade would do this game wonders.

Blood & Truth (PS4)

Blood & Truth is a cockney crime drama that proved PSVR’s potential by enhancing immersion, storytelling, and interactivity in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, it was held back by the outdated PS Move controllers and therefore we would love to see it return on PSVR2 where it would benefit greatly from the PSVR2 Sense Controllers' much improved tracking capabilities.

Headmaster (PS4)

Headmaster sees you heading footballs into goals in a vast array of weird and whacky challenges. Imagine a PSVR2 version with the addition of headset haptic feedback, as you mistime heading a ball that smacks you square in the face, setting off a vigorous rumble. It makes our legs all wobbly just thinking about it.

How We Soar (PS4)

A brilliant, story based PSVR title that flew under the radar for many, How We Soar follows an author writing his first book and sees you flying on the back of a bird through his various ideas constructed in pop-up book environments. A PSVR2 version with it’s improved visuals would no doubt help to enhance these gorgeous papery landscapes.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PS4)

One of very few local co-op experiences available on PSVR, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a fantastically chaotic time. With one person tasked with defusing a bomb and the other with an incredibly complex manual, you must communicate effectively to succeed. A PSVR2 adaptation would be more than welcome since the headset is lacking any local co-op content to date.

Minecraft (PS4)

Everyone is familiar with Minecraft by now and the addition of PSVR compatibility was quite the surprise back in September 2020. An updated version for PSVR2 would surely boost headset sales as Minecraft provides endless hours of fun to be had in its open, crafty sandbox world. We’re not going to get our hopes up, though, since Mojang is owned by Microsoft — but they've supported a Sony headset once before, so why not again?

Statik (PS4)

One of PSVR’s sleeper hits, Statik, is a cleverly crafted puzzle experience like no other. Whilst being tested on like a lab rat by Dr Ingen, you must solve his devious conundrums and escape his laboratory. We would love to see a PSVR2 version with some additional levels designed specifically around the new PSVR 2 Sense Controllers and their finger tracking functionality.


SUPER-HOT! SUPER-HOT! It echoes around and around in our heads every time we think of the PSVR game. SUPERHOT VR is an outstanding first-person shooter with a puzzling twist that makes for a refreshing experience. Give us the PSVR2 adaptation we so desire, and we may just start mimicking the deep tones of the Superhot announcer in our videos.

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown (PS4)

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown sees you embark on a narrative-driven, tabletop, Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Although PSVR2 already has an outstanding D&D title in the form of Demeo, we’d like for this more solo focused experience to make the jump to PlayStation’s latest headset.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition (PS5)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is on every platform under the sun, so why not port it to PSVR2? Enough said.

The Lost Bear (PS4)

The Lost Bear is a charming little side-scroller which you look upon from the comfort of a theatre seat. As you progress through various environments, the setting within the theatre also changes, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing. With enhanced visuals from a PSVR2 version, we’d certainly be up for giving this gem of a title another run through.

Werewolves Within (PS4)

Werewolves Within is a simple but brilliantly entertaining multiplayer game. Everyone is assigned a role; the villagers must expose the werewolf disguised among them while the werewolf must kill off the village’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, the online community has dried up completely which makes this near on impossible to play now on PSVR. Bringing it to PSVR2 would both bolster the userbase and give it the new lease of life it deserves.

Are there any PSVR titles you’d like to see on PSVR2 that haven’t made our list? Let your haptics rumble wildly in the comments section below, and let us know!