Most Anticipated PS5 PS4 2023
Image: Push Square

The results are in, and we've tallied the 20 most anticipated PS5 and PS4 games of 2023, as voted by you, the Push Square community.

The poll was published just last week, at the bottom of our massive 60 Most Anticipated PS5, PS4 Games of 2023 list. We keep saying this, but the year ahead really is ridiculously packed!

Close to 9000 votes were cast, and users could select up to five different games.

Without further ado, let's get right into it — starting with number 20. We've also included votes per game, and the percentage of the overall vote.

20. The Wolf Among Us 2 - 124 votes (1%)
19. Forspoken
- 124 votes (1%)
18. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
- 127 votes (2%)
17. Hollow Knight: Silksong - 130 votes (2%)
16. Horizon: Call of the Mountain
- 132 votes (2%)
15. Dead Island 2
- 160 votes (2%)
14. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (DLC) - 201 votes (2%)
13. Alan Wake II
- 231 votes (3%)
12. Diablo 4
- 240 votes (3%)
11. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
- 271 votes (3%)

10. Silent Hill 2 - 332 votes (4%)

Silent Hill 2

Bloober Team's remake of the PS2 classic was officially announced late last year following months of rumours and speculation. All we've got to go on right now is a cinematic reveal trailer, but that's not necessarily a problem, is it? Assuming the developer sticks as closely as it can to the original — which, reportedly, is exactly what it's doing — then we should be on to an easy win.

9. Dead Space - 336 votes (4%)

Dead Space

The second horror remake on this list, Dead Space just managed to creep ahead of Silent Hill 2 to claim ninth place. Billed as another faithful return to a beloved title, the original trials and tribulations of Isaac Clarke will no doubt look stunning on PS5, hopefully heightening the fear factor. Again, an easy win as long as everything goes to plan for EA Motive. And it's out in just a few weeks!

8. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores (DLC) - 338 votes (4%)

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

You may not agree with our decision to include expansions in these votes, but the results speak for themselves. The bottom line is that a lot of people will be looking forward to Aloy's next adventure if they enjoyed Horizon Forbidden West — and there's nothing wrong with that! Plus, Burning Shores is exclusive to PS5, which suggests that Guerrilla Games will really push its engine's technical capabilities. As if the base game doesn't look gorgeous enough.

7. Assassin's Creed Mirage - 354 votes (4%)

Assassin's Creed Mirage

The eternal popularity of Assassin's Creed strikes again. Ubisoft's franchise has had its ups and downs, but with Mirage promising a return to a more traditional Assassin's Creed sandbox — full of stealthy stabbings and, you know, actual assassinations — we can understand the hype. Weirdly, we're yet to actually see Mirage in action — we were almost sure it'd get a gameplay trailer by the end of last year — but then again, outside of a vague '2023', the title doesn't even have a release window yet. Soon.

6. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - 403 votes (5%)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Look, before you start in the comments, we know that the chances of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releasing in 2023 are...well, not slim, but somewhat unlikely. Did Square Enix announce this one too soon? Honestly, probably not — it's building off the back of Final Fantasy VII Remake, after all — but we could easily see it shuffle into 2024. Still, it's no surprise to see Rebirth make this list. It certainly wasn't perfect, but Remake had some incredible high points that suggest its sequel could be very special indeed.

5. Final Fantasy XVI - 499 votes (6%)

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is much more tangible than Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at this point, so we're not shocked to see it in front. With the action RPG due out in June, the future of Final Fantasy isn't far off — and we're already feeling the hype. Based on the footage we've seen so far, there's so much potential here, as the series returns to its medieval fantasy roots and looks to melt our eyes with stunning visual effects. All we need now is some uncut gameplay to push our excitement into overdrive.

4. Resident Evil 4 - 600 votes (7%)

Resident Evil 4

Bloody hell, you lot love your horror game remakes, don't you? This is the third of its kind in the top 10!

One of the most influential games ever made is back, and it's...well, it's a remake. Following on from Capcom's rebuilding of Resident Evil 2, there's absolutely no reason to doubt the developer's ability. Resident Evil 4 could end up being the definitive reimagining of an all-time classic, and that's surely something to be excited about. The best part, though? The wait for this one will be over before you know it, with Capcom sticking to its 24th March release date.

3. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - 626 votes (7%)

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Only just forcing its way past Resi, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor claims its place in the top 3. This sequel to 2019's Fallen Order promises a refinement of a formula that already worked quite well in the first game. Protagonist Cal Kestis is back to planet-hop his way around the galaxy, getting himself into deadly lightsaber duels when he's not butchering the local wildlife. More in-depth combat will be key to Survivor's success, and we're expecting some truly gorgeous sci-fi settings.

2. Hogwarts Legacy - 752 votes (9%)

Hogwarts Legacy

Pulling comfortably into second place is Hogwarts Legacy — a title that's often been described as "the dream Harry Potter game" by our esteemed editor Sammy Barker. It's very easy to see why a dedicated Potterhead would be beyond excited for this release, because it basically lets you live out the life of a Hogwarts student. You get to create your own character, specialise in your favourite types of magic, and, of course, delve into the school's many mysteries. If it does all come together, Hogwarts Legacy is going to be an absolute banger.

1. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - 1004 votes (11%)

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Easing into first place by some distance is Marvel's Spider-Man 2 — as if there was any doubt! The original Marvel's Spider-Man was an instant smash hit on PS4, and pseudo-sequel Miles Morales wasn't far behind. Insomniac Games has proven itself to be one of Sony's finest PlayStation Studios, and we can't imagine a world where the team drops off for this PS5 exclusive. Recently confirmed for a Q3 2023 launch, Spider-Man 2 will likely be PlayStation's heaviest hitter of the year, no doubt racking up some crazy sales figures following a massive marketing campaign. It likely won't be long until we see the web-slinging heroes in action.

So there you have it — these are Push Square readers' most anticipated games of 2023. Are you happy with the order? Would you swap anything around? Let us know how hyped you are for the year ahead in the comments section below.