• Review Flinthook (PS4)

    Get hooked

    Flinthook is a prime example of how the execution of an idea is often more important than the idea itself. At first glance, it seems like any other modern roguelike, running from one procedurally-generated, 16-bit era inspired room to the next, shooting enemies for cash that you use to buy supplies and power-ups along the way. But under...


  • Review Ninja Senki DX (PS Vita)

    No-go ninja

    Tribute Games has been churning out unremarkable indie games for quite a while now. Each illuminates a finer aspect from all of those 8 and 16-bit titles we grew to know and love but always does so in a negative way. Wizorb is unique but trite in its presentation. Mercenary Kings is what Metal Slug would've looked like after a bout with...


  • Review Curses 'N Chaos (PS4)

    Pain is temporary

    Life is tough when a wizard king has cursed you and certain death awaits unless you can find and mix the Elixir of Life itself. If that wasn't bad enough, you're about to be swarmed by all manner of monsters hungry to finish you off. This is the precarious predicament in which you find yourself in Tribute Games' Curses 'N Chaos –...


  • Review Mercenary Kings (PlayStation 4)

    You've been Tango'd

    Tribute Games’ old school sidescroller Mercenary Kings is something of a Kickstarter success story, having reached Steam and the PlayStation 4 courtesy of a crowdfunding drive a couple of years ago. Produced by a chunk of the team behind the brilliant Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, this next-gen escapade maintains the same...